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Blankfist Can Kiss My Ass

Sorry little fuck, is fucking with me again.....could one of you admins ban us both for 2 weeks, before the little cocksucker pisses me off???? Oh, by the way.....He's my bitch, iffn ya haven't already figured this out. If he discards this post, as he showing his stupid ass did the last time,(I got a fart for ya snipey....) I will hand him his.


Women and VideoSift: Why I'm a feminist. Guys, I quoted you.

I originally wrote this in reply to a comment made about because the video annoys me and I got all uppity about it.

People think that feminism is outdated and irrelevant today. I'm really sad about this.

I love men. Men, this is NOT an attack on you. I think you're wonderful people. Gender stereotypes are perpetuated by women just as much as they are by men. I just want to point a few things out to you, so I compiled this list for you in the hope that it will illustrate to you some of the reasons that I am a feminist.
... more inside ...

Bye Bye TV (Blog Post)

Well I'm doing it too.  Was it Youdiejoe that share with us recently he ditched cable? The man is here right now disconnecting my phone and cable.

 The kids are not happy. at. all.  

 Phase one complete.  Next stop: Video Games 

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