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Hey Earthlings....Open Yer Noggins (Blog Post)

The worlds a game...a playground-and yer last hope-Don't fuck it up-Stop listening to ancilliary bullshit.

Aliens live among you. Get yer head outta yer asses....butch up-Times a wastin'.

Crop circles ain't enough for yas??...Try re-writing a tired script-The best start, is to give yer televisions to the homeless and stop eating garbage..(same difference, shit in, shit out)

Start with what you feel, then roll with what you are designed for.....AWARENESS

Lose the robot in the coach seat already why don't yas?....

Playlist (Blog Post)

This one changes frequently or not, haven't met Mildred day. Enjoy musical eclecticism folks^^

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Meet Hartford Van Dyke-(Inmate in Waseca Federal Prison in Minnesota) (Blog Post)

Could it be, that there is a system in place which, when implemented properly (as seen here in the schematic included in the publication below) could afford a small number of people on planet earth the means by which to control the vast majority of the population of an entire nation, nay, the world??

This letter from a gentleman named Hartford Van Dyke, the man who claims authorship of Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars
An Introduction Programming Manual An Introduction Programming Manual
Operations Research Technical Manual Operations Research Technical Manual
TW-SW7905.1 TW-SW7905.1

In this fiiiine publication there is contained a framework/formula (including schematics) of domination over large populations within the framework of a contrived societal structure, gleefully referred to here as, “The State of the Shit That Passes For an “Enlightened Society”

I found the excerpts on keeping the population DISTRACTED, DIVERTED, & DUMBED-DOWN, a useful and succinct means of communicating my own ideas of just how fucking stupid most Americans have become, as well as many countries in the EEC, concerning how their world is manipulated, controlled, and structured to give more power/control/money/status/etc, to fewer and fewer.

Give it a read and decide for yourselves if what you read is confabulation, or the shape of things already here with more to come.

The guys’ still in prison for a reason, folks.

Top Eleven Motherfuckers You Would Raise From The Dead & Give Superhuman Powers to (Blog Post)

A night of inspired debaucheries with two genius', laughing their asses silly....Now we need a similarly enthusiastic comic book artist, to work on storyboards for the epic that unfolds, on a planet that Superman would leave for MYTZLPLK's dimension, rather than get involved.....

Top Ten Motherfuckers You Would Raise From The Dead & Give Superhuman Powers to:

11. Walt Disney-while within range, of any living , non-human , he has the power to turn the unfortunate creature, into a random interpretation of the psyche of any number of humans, who happen to get in his way.

10. Ed Wood Jr.-A Power to cause any man, to heartily embrace his feminine side.

9.. Princess Di-
(The power to appear to any man that she is the most beautiful woman they had ever seen, while at the same time making his dick shrivel.

8.Mr .Rodgers-Ability to make anyone in his vicinity, comfortable with who they are, and the ability to see their own self worth, (but only once a day for thirty minutes).

7.Emperor Norton-while within range, the average person will find themselves immersed in an alternate reality, that is Emperor Norton’s paradigm.

6. Elvis Aaron Presley
Has the ability, to turn peanut butter and banana sandwiches...into bricks.

5.Nikola Tesla- Has the ability to generate unlimited power, with enough titties in his face, by spinning Thomas Edison in his grave, at rotational vectors approaching the speed of light…

4.Adolf Hitler and the power to restore foreskins….but only on his knees wearing a bunny suit.

3.Doc Holiday-Never runs out of ammo, nor is there loss of edge on his blade, and exudes an unlimited supply of coke and N2O, from any pore on his body...

2. Mark Twain-Sam Clemens-Ability to keep Doc holiday occupied, and otherwise distracted….

*.1. R.Buckminster Fuller-Will Realize his power when he comes up with a way to use Tesla’s corpse-generator, to get him the fuck off the planet for which he once saw unlimited human potential…..

* See Plan B

Yog Sothoth in the News Again (Blog Post)

Yog-Sothoth Freed from Pentagon

Yog-Sothoth Freed from Pentagon

Women, minorities hardest hit

Washington, DC - Early this morning, in a dramatic reversal of the Global War on Terror, Yog-Sothoth broke free of its mystical prison at the Pentagon and began a rampage through the northern suburbs of Washington DC.

The Great Old One was freed by persons unknown at 12:01 AM on Saturday morning. Sources at the Federal Bureau of Investigation report that the rescuers were likely members of a 'radical group', but that further conclusions would have to wait until 'we know which bit of who goes where' and 'when we're done breaking out the mecha suits'. Follow-up calls were not returned.

After being freed, Yog-Sothoth immediately levitated to a commanding height above the Washington skyline and vaporized both the Woodrow Wilson Bridge and the Capitol Building. Sources within Congress could not confirm whether either activity was either part of an organized political agenda or an attempt to gather local support among the populace. Follow-up calls were not returned.

Yog-Sothoth, the so-called "Devourer of Worlds" and the "All-in-One", has been incarcinated by the federal government since the end of World War II. Its iridescent, globular presence at the Pentagon has been a matter of some controversy among Constitutional scholars, given that no charges have ever been formally made against the Great Old One. Critics of the administration contend that as Yog-Sothoth's presence on the Atlantic coast predates 1776, it is a de facto American citizen and thus subject to Constitutional protections. Sources friendly to the administration have declined to comment on the matter, claiming that all material regarding Yog-Sothoth remains classified.

Other sources close to the Administration indicate that the Yog-Sothoth 'issue' is complicated by political realities. "Look, you idiot," reported one source, "in case you haven't noticed we're dealing with the end of the [expletive deleted] world here. We're trying to figure out a way to drop a [expletive deleted] MOAB on the [expletive deleted] without blowing up too much American real estate, and if you [expletive deleted] don't stop calling us we're just going to say to Hell with it and take out Delaware. I mean, what the Hell's in Delaware?"

Idaho White, publisher of the popular online weblog Immanentizing, contends that this demonstrates the flawed priorities of the administration. "It's no accident that all the states involved voted for Senator Kerry in the last election. The Bush regime doesn't want them, doesn't need them and wouldn't care less if they all turn into goo." Dr. White went on to discount the idea that Yog-Sothoth was released deliberately: "this administration wouldn't have the brains to know how to deactivate a seven-dimensional Ibn Ghazi containment septagram without smearing themselves all over the walls."

The Great Old One is now traveling via land on a course roughly north by north-east. All attempts to communicate or negotiate with the entity have as of yet failed, but local activist groups remain confident that their efforts will ultimately work. "We just need to get it to listen," insisted Patty "Mother" Jones, executive director of IndyMedia Baltimore, a local activist group setting up a roadblock just outside of Baltimore. "We can get it to talk to us, we can find some common dream and find the answer to our dilemma and stop the Eschaton. And then we can move on, and find the smoking gun that will blow the lid off this corrupt, smirking-chimp administration once and for all. It's our cause." Yog-Sothoth consumed Jones and her group shortly thereafter.

Initial reports indicate that the Great Old One is attracted to acts of evil, depravity and campaign finance reform bills. The federal government has thus instructed the populace to avoid Senator John McCain at all costs, a move that infuriates Robert Smith, president of the newly-formed conservative group Chew on This. "It's typical of the government to ban a new and exciting use for the First Amendment simply because they're afraid of the implications. While it may seem outrageous to feed sitting government officials to the Great Old Ones, the fact is that it's a perfectly acceptable extension of the Supreme Court's recent rulings. We're calling for a bipartisan initiative to enshrine our Constitutional right to sacrifice misbehaving legislators to Cthulhu, and I think that we'll get it."

Calls to various activist groups not yet masticated by Yog-Sothoth did not get a response, as all groups contacted were busy attempting to revise their current dogma to make the original capture and imprisonment the responsibility of President George Bush. President Bush was elected in 2000 amid great controversy over voting irregularities.

In New York, Senator Hillary Clinton urged calm. "While it is unfortunate that one of our country's greatest enemies has managed to escape, somehow, I am certain that even as we speak our brave troops will defeat the monster. We will prevail."


By Moe Lane Posted in Miscellanea


Secession from the United States of Unconscious Insanity (Blog Post)

I had originally intended this blogpost to be some idyllic proposal for the State of Texas' jumping off the roller-coaster of the obviously distorted, manipulated, and  abused world economy, before we reach the next loop-de-loop-I have lived in a few western States, Cali, Oregon, Colorado, and in those days of escape from the Malaysian summers and my own bullshit thought the pastures greener where the weather was, well, not Houston in the summer-All things relative to perception, I have now decided that if and when the shit hits the fan, Texas is a fine place to disappear into, though nothing beats the untouched expanses of British Columbia or Alaska.

What to do about making some changes for the good of all mankind, and not simply being satisfied with switching on the survival circuit and letting the all-time loser, steal the handle.. A hearty advocate of independence, freedom from opression physically, mentally, and spiritually, I have always embraced the idea of being able to bail on this little experiment called the USA, should the shit get stacked so high that the stink becomes part of the natural breeze.


Well kids, open the front door of your insulated minds, and look around-not only should you, "Throw Away Your TV" need to be marching down to the station and doing what any good military coop commander does, when they want to get their message out and keep it real-Burn the motherfucker down-and control the only one still on air!

Here's a bit of an excerpt form one man's take on Texas History, relative to secession.

Many assert (without necessarily advocating the act) that Texas can secede from the Union. Based on the fact that the U.S. Constitution does not prohibit secession, some would interpret any state’s status as part of the United States as being voluntary. Supporting this view is language in the original Texas Constitution of 1836, which was repeated in the post-Reconstruction Texas Constutiton of 1876, declaring that, “(The people) have at all times the inalienable right to alter their government in such manner as they might think proper.”

A U.S. Supreme Court decision rendered in 1869 seems to obviate these persistent claims to sovereignty. Commenting on its 5-3 decision on Texas v. White, Chief Justice Salmon Chase stated that the Union is “composed of indestructable states,” and established on behalf of the high court of the land that secession is illegal.

Exactly how the division of the Lone Star State into smaller states is tied to the issue of secession may be lost to the vagaries of history, or perhaps, vagaries of logic. It is, however, only the stuff of legend, as the state’s annexation treaty did not include any provision to secede.

As much as the author, a Texan, loves and honors the United States, it is much too distressing to concede in print that Texas cannot, after all, lawfully secede. As Patrick Henry may have said were he a Texan, “Give me liberty or give me vagaries.”

 Since "legally" we can't really check-out w/o some real difficulty, I propose a radically saner approach-Mob has always ruled for small durations, hell, go to a fotball match and watch a lot of hind-brainers going apeshit, fans and cops included-The powers behind the puppets have many useful dopes, who for the sake of power, position, and prominence (ego), have sold the entire world a bill of goods, and they are really wanting to call their iinvestment in empire in, at all our expense-here's what choggie would do, to save one beautiful, self-contained and self-sufficient land mass with the handle:

-Bedamn the acceptable process and proceedure-tell Washington, to kiss our ass.
-With her people as her standard, create a currency only good in the new Country (name competition with prizes)
-Build that wall, more like a gate, maybe throw some voltage in there for grins, between Mexico and the texas Border-Set up Brownsville as the neuvo Ellis island, and begin the process of making Texicans. Make em educated, and make em speak the language
-Call all debt, public and private, paid in full, and tell the rest of the planet to get their shit together, oh and, "Fuck You, we don't owe you shit."
-We need a military-abscond with all personnel, hardware, and real estate, associated with the babses here already for starters.
-enter into a union with our neighbors to the south, hell, let them eventually become one with us, start by letting Mexico manufacture everythig we now get from China-Make every Walmart a shrine to the unholy nature of mammon-of-the-past, (turn them into basketball courts er summpthin')
-I could go on forever, but you get the gyst?? Turn at least one country into a model for the next paradigm-The alternative is what we are all experiencing now....a long, slow, walk to hell, with a few assholes running the show.



Open Letter To China and the United States (Blog Post)

With one of the richest cultural legacies on the planet, China, we stand in awe of your contributions and longevity. Your collective will and determination to continue in the face of dificulty, retrograde government control, inhumanity to fellow man and human rights issues, remains unparalled.


However....We can no longer abide, your manufacture and distribution of useless plastic crap, in all her many forms, sizes, shapes and sizes. Your ability to get this shit into the hands of the world, in particular,  western countries Like the USA, Mexico, and Canada, has been greatly increased by our leaders' systematic undoing of our oun infrastructure, outsourcing jobs, and most of all, entities like Walmart, with a business model that best resembles, the insatiable appetite of a Black Hole, sucking everything into the vortice, as it nears.


Fuck the cheap, plastic, poorly-constructed and useless shit that your people slave away to produce and distribute.(but not the illegal aliens that pour into the United States, they love your cheap shit) We don't need it, are told we want it, by another entity, deserving of death and torture, the marketing tendrils of broadcast media, who have a special place reserved for them in the torturous nether-regions of some lightless abyss.


Awww fuck it. Nevermind.....guess we'll just have to see how it plays out....too late for whining about it, we're too far down the esophagus and swimming in digestive juices...(think I'll go play on the Wal-Mart intercom some more......)



Obama's, I Have a Dream (Blog Post)

Here's a dandy Ol' Chicago wrote on a cocktail napkin-

S. 2433: Global Poverty Act of 2007-Introduced,Dec 7, 2007


It is the policy of the United States to promote the reduction of global poverty, the elimination of extreme global poverty, and the achievement of the Millennium Development Goal of reducing by one-half the proportion of people worldwide, between 1990 and 2015, who live on less than $1 per day.


And what would the child who when he was in third grade wrote an essay saying that he wanted to become president,  (his teacher later told the Chicago Tribune that she was not sure what country he wanted to become president of but that he wrote that his reason was that he wanted to "make everybody happy.") do, to make America less impoverished??


Would he, bring back industry to the United States, perhaps, place tarrifs on consumer goods coming from other countries like automobiles? Most likely not. Would he focus on educating the inner-city youth, so they don't become shit-thinkers and create the type of person who would commit a crime with a handgun?? Nahh, just get rid of em'-after all, look what guns did for Chicago in the thirties...


here's some quotes:

"There are “two realities to gun culture in this country,” a rural tradition of hunting and “self-protection” and the “reality of urban crime and guns used to initiate violence.”

"“I think there is a right to bear arms. I think that right is also constrained by the interest in making sure that 34 Chicago schoolchildren don’t get shot on the streets during any given school year,” he said."

There's another reality regarding guns, that shaped and continues to shape America. Above us, the Hinterlands where, no one needs guns, there's no bear, wolverines, or rugged terrain in Canada, huh? Below us, a corrupt machine with some of the strictest gun laws in the world, bar none, not unlike the wankeroonies across the pond, who have all but sold their souls to the "Guns R bad, m'kay" legend of their fall.....

On the day after another media opportunity, and another school shooting, one need not ask why statements are made which use senseless tragedy as the whore, by another agenda-happy stockboy groomed for use-His "two realities" are sophomoric, especially with regards to the right of the people under article 4 of the Bill of Rights-Regardless of how far the strain of the systematic povertization of America is carried out, through the disolving borders, moralaities, ethics etc. (culture's degradation is but a mirror of the machine's), there's no goddamn way people in this country will give up gun ownership, or the ability to manufacture their own ordinance and ammunition should they take that route.

Another State Socialist Fascist, and you kids just ooooh and ahhhh over him......Hillary's a bit  more transparent.


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