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The great PQ whoring-out

Hey, if you want your Personal Queue to get more attention, sound off here. I'll go first: please browse my damn PQ, it has a bunch of 9-voters and stuff! Maybe post a link to a couple of the vids you'd especially like to see escape purgatory. How about this: I promise to check out the PQ of anybody who weighs in here (votes not guaranteed) so you'll profit from my benevolent gaze, at least, if nobody else's.

Yes, and feel free to pimp out a specific vid or two that you like so well from *other people's PQs*. That is all.

Seeking specific version: U2's "If God Will Send His Angels"

I had an mp3 once of a particular live version of the abovementioned U2 song. It sounded very different from the album version -- spare and haunting -- and in the beginning of it, Bono while trying to introduce the song appeared to challenge a loud and mouthy member of the audience, saying "what is it now?" If anybody can help, please do, I'd be very pleased to have it again.

My new Cold War playlist: suggestions welcome

Hi all, I've finally started a Cold War playlist... not sure why I took so bloody long to think of it since CW history / culture / anything is possibly my majorest passion. I invite you to peruse it and please make suggestions for new video additions! I'm definitely looking for cultural items as well as straight politico-military history, although not every movie or TV show from the era will count (eg.: 'Dr. Strangelove' = big yes, but 'Leave It To Beaver' = not so much). Basically all vids should have some linkage with the tension and drama of the 40-year nuclear-armed superpower standoff. At the same time, my intention is not to have it chockablock with nuclear test explosions. I look forward to your ideas!


Wanted: Good Punk

The Sift can totz help me out with this I'm sure. I want to listen to more good punk and I want your suggestions. I already know (or know of) a fair number of punk bands (the Sex Pistols, the Clash, the Ramones, etc etc) but from what I've heard I've most liked Offspring, Social Distortion, and Flogging Molly (some or all of which may not be very punk, I know). A friend said Bad Religion and they're alright -- Propagandhi I didn't care for -- Dropkick Murphys are OK -- any other recommendations?

Christianity and Atheism in the United States

I'm curious about the seemingly high level of vocal atheists on the Sift. I'm guessing that most or many of them are from the US (simply because I think that's where most / many of our Sifters are from). At first I was baffled as to where this movement came from, until I learned that some 25% of the US populace calls itself evangelical Christian (I think I discovered that watching "Jesus Camp"), so now it seems to me more like atheism may be an equal and opposite reaction, but I personally don't know.

In Canada (at least the parts where I've been) we hardly have either vocal evangelicals or vocal atheists, so overt Bible-thumping and backlash against it are rather foreign concepts. (As I've said before, the topic of evolution is basically a non-issue up here.) I've also barely visited the States, so haven't experienced much of what life in the US is like. Anybody care to weigh in with comments about the prevalence of visible Christianity in the US?

PS: I'm sincerely hoping this thread can happen without getting ugly or hostile. We're all grown-ups.
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