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Is the "end of the world" near? Is life as we know it coming to an end?

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There's always been plenty of crackpot theories and prophets out there, but let's face it, the world is in a pretty bleak place and there's good reason to wonder if we may be in the "end times". Whether it's World War III, the 2nd coming of Christ, Sun storms, reversal of Earth's magnetic poles, the Mayan calendar, Nostradamus, super volcanoes, the large hadron collider, global warming, a one world government, plagues, alien invasion or aliens revealing themselves to Earth, .. or an asteroid the size of blankfists ego .. it seems there's always something out to get us at any moment. Some mammals seem to have an instinct for danger, so I ask my fellow humans .. how do you feel?

The question is .. how many of you feel (for whatever reason) that there will be some event "soon" that will change life for humanity as we know it now?

Keep in mind this could be a positive or negative change (depending on the event and your perspective) but it will affect everyone in some way.

Just to be clear .. it doesn't have to be an event that wipes out all human life.

(and in fairness, here's the link to the 1st poll. Changed the wording slightly for this one to avoid confusion.)

You are NOT Your Votes

The sift is made of people. You matter. The votes don't matter. We know who you are and you are all special here.

You are what you do .. not the votes you get.
Do not worry about your votes! No one is forgotten!

An Act of Contrition

To the people I upset, offended or let down .. I'm sorry.
I can make a lot of excuses, but I won't.

I haven't changed my opinion on the matter. The things I called out as wrong were wrong, to me at least, and I would have been a liar to myself if I didn't say something about them .. but I am pretty disgusted with how my anger got the better of me. I said things I shouldn't have. So, I'm apologizing for that to the community that I love.

I do love the Sift and I regret if I hurt it .. or any of you.

Allow Self-Linking for Dead Videos

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I usually keep a copy of videos that I sift which I know are going to get pulled for whatever reason (copyright etc).
I also keep copies of other sifters clips that I like or are very popular if I think they will get pulled.

It would be a lot easier to fix dead videos if we could just host it ourselves and fix it without it being considered a self link.

See this sift talk post also for some previous discussion.

You have three days to vote.
Please read the discussions before voting.

I got into a fight with my penis today

Well, I don't have a blog anymore so I thought I would vomit this harrowing tale for all of you here.

I was just sitting in front of the computer, minding my own business, looking for a new dvd burner when all of a sudden my penis starting getting wise with me .. "hey asshole, wtf .. I know you saw that porno banner! Don't even try to tell me you didn't see that shit!" I told my penis no I didn't see the porn but he called me a liar and tried to spit in my face.

At this point, I tried to lift my penis and move it to one side of the room to avoid the argument .. but it was attached to my nuts. Finally, I abused the hell out of it and then took a nap.

Long story short, we're getting along fine now, but I wouldn't be surprised if this happens again tomorrow. I'll be sure to post here when it does.

Volumptuous Hits Gold!

Secretly toiling away in the sift mines, Volumptuous has struck gold and thought nobody would notice. At long last our crack team of investigators has caught him in the act:

You know what to do next.
Take a trip through his Pqueue and find all his sifted dead videos.

The Dupe Tab

Dupeof is a great improvement to the sift. And Nibiyabi has a great idea with the dupe playlist.

But, I'd like to see a separate *dupe channel (or even a separate tab) and invocation. Let it be for silver star or higher (it's the same star level for *.discussing a dupe that you don't have privileges to discard). It should remove the submitted video from the queue without discarding it (the same as discuss) so those with dupeof ability can return it if it's deemed not a dupe.

It is a bit clunky right now. Dupes get discarded, hopefully added to a playlist that hopefully you are a group member of and then hopefully diamonds are looking at that playlist etc.

If we have many hands making light work with *dupe sending everything to one dupe tab, then diamonds and higher can go to that tab or channel and dupeof as they see fit.

Kronosposeidon - 1000 Sifted Videos !!

I'm not qualified to do a proper write up,
so this is a just a quick note of praise for a major SiftComplishment.

Like a sifter possessed, KP shot to gold in only a month and never looked back.

A virtual sift kaleidescope, his videos range from Pedophile Beards (???) to Parallel Universes ("I kid you not").

Whether he's playing with his balls or he's busting balls, one thing is for sure ...
With 1000+ vids to his credit and only 10 in his P-Queue, KP sifts some quality and this site is all the better for it.

Here's looking forward to the next 1000!

Quick suggestion

Not sure if I'm posting this in the right place, but maybe add the options to change the resolutions of the site to "Account Preferences"? Along with a little explanation for those who need it. I never noticed the option at the bottom of the page until now and what a difference going to 1600 makes!

Dead pool fixes and star point removal

So I saw that I had my brand new shiny bronze star and I decided to take a plunge into the dead pool to see if I could resurrect a sift. I saw this one:
and thought it looked interesting.
I found the video on youtube here:
but embedding was disabled. I thought I would be clever and make a publicly available playlist of all the parts and then embed that. Turns out, I'm not that bright. SiftBot accepted it and gave me a star point but the embed doesn't work.
Now I'm looking for someone to take my point away and let me leave quietly in shame.

edit: hmm it looks like MycroftHomlz posted an embed code in that thread also. Maybe that one works.
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