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Is the "end of the world" near? Is life as we know it coming to an end?

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There's always been plenty of crackpot theories and prophets out there, but let's face it, the world is in a pretty bleak place and there's good reason to wonder if we may be in the "end times". Whether it's World War III, the 2nd coming of Christ, Sun storms, reversal of Earth's magnetic poles, the Mayan calendar, Nostradamus, super volcanoes, the large hadron collider, global warming, a one world government, plagues, alien invasion or aliens revealing themselves to Earth, .. or an asteroid the size of blankfists ego .. it seems there's always something out to get us at any moment. Some mammals seem to have an instinct for danger, so I ask my fellow humans .. how do you feel?

The question is .. how many of you feel (for whatever reason) that there will be some event "soon" that will change life for humanity as we know it now?

Keep in mind this could be a positive or negative change (depending on the event and your perspective) but it will affect everyone in some way.

Just to be clear .. it doesn't have to be an event that wipes out all human life.

(and in fairness, here's the link to the 1st poll. Changed the wording slightly for this one to avoid confusion.)

Allow Self-Linking for Dead Videos

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I usually keep a copy of videos that I sift which I know are going to get pulled for whatever reason (copyright etc).
I also keep copies of other sifters clips that I like or are very popular if I think they will get pulled.

It would be a lot easier to fix dead videos if we could just host it ourselves and fix it without it being considered a self link.

See this sift talk post also for some previous discussion.

You have three days to vote.
Please read the discussions before voting.
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