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newtboy says...

Marjorie Taylor Greene, Matt Gaetz, Mo Brooks, Louie Gohmert, Andy Biggs, and Scott Perry all asked for White House pardons. This is an admission of criminal guilt in case you don’t remember. The only reason to ask for a pardon is that you believe you are guilty of committing a crime, in this case treasonous sedition, vote fraud, election interference, and possibly attempted murder.

They all also asked for blanket pardons for anyone who voted against certification, indicating they knew that was being done as part of an intentionally and blatantly illegal scheme to defraud the American people.

Lock them up, lock them up, lock them up, ….

Also, I doubt you will, but you should listen to a lifelong Republican tell you the truth about a windsock politician…

newtboy says...

Uh oh….Jeffry Clark’s home was just raided by federal agents looking for Jan 6 coup related documents. In case you forgot, Clark is the lackey that sent fake fraudulent letters to Georgia telling their election officials the outright lie that the DOJ was investigating voter fraud in Georgia and they shouldn’t certify their results, and the guy Trump tried to install as the head of the DOJ when AG Jeff Rosen refused to help with the coup.

He was an environmental lawyer with little experience when tapped by Trump to lead the DOJ civil division (in an effort to shield Trump from civil cases).

newtboy says...

Holy shit, buddy. Are you just now realizing you only had two wrong, and one was promoting anti fascism?

It’s true, the party doesn’t promote abortions officially, but Republican women have them at nearly the same rates as sane women. Republicans froth at the mouth over this issue, until it hits home then suddenly it’s a choice they have an absolute right to make in private while telling others they have no choice….like Congressman Scott DesJarlais, a rabid anti abortionist that pressured both his wife and mistress to have abortions. Typical hypocritical Republican mantra, “do as I say, not as I do”….so sorry but Republicans absolutely do promote abortions, private abortions for themselves, just not others….but the party doesn’t.

It is correct, republicans are not anti fascism.

As pointed out, republicans do actually promote and exemplify everything else you listed, and oppose every opposition you listed with their actions. It takes a willfully ignorant idiot to believe otherwise.

Are you embarrassed that you tried to say Democrats promote the KKK when the grand dragon was recently a long time Republican Louisiana state senator and 2016 candidate for US senate? If not, it’s proof you are incapable of being embarrassed because you are just a troll.

bobknight33 said:

You right,
They promote

They are anti:
Free Speech

Nothing moral about the Republican party.

newtboy says...

So….Texas Republicans have decided to try to secede from the union as part of their official party platform. Kind of hard to pretend you guys are patriotic Americans when it’s your official plan to dissolve the union out of spite.

I actually say good riddance, let red states all secede, RGTOW, they will quickly become a third world country we can exploit. Red states take WAY more from the federal government than they put in, relying on blue state taxes to keep running. It would be hilarious to see how fast infrastructure, services, and government break down in such an occurrence.

It would also be interesting to see how they think they would defend themselves without the US military. As usual, the Cons never think things through. I so want to see how this would play out. Can we short sell Texas?

Seems like you guys need to take your own advice….if you don’t like it here in America, you can GET OUT.

newtboy says...

Neither. I fully support legalizing sex work, and regulating it strongly….and I have always warned against sticking your dick in crazy. Also, I’ve never paid for sex…not with money anyway.

(Edit: Hmmmm….are you saying whoring is how most women earn a living? It wouldn’t be inconsistent with your previous stances, Mr MGTOW.)

I’m against vitriolic hypocrites in power making it criminal to do the same things they did repeatedly. I think laws enacted by representatives should be retroactive against any representatives who vote for them, for life….meaning if abortions become murder charges, Boebert gets charged twice with infanticide.
I’m also against high school dropout, ged failing, lying, stealing hookers being representatives. They’ve proven they have a price for anything and I can expect them to be easily “bought”.

Not so flimsy, not near as flimsy as her denials. Wait for her deposition….IF she sues which I doubt she will. (She’s terrified to be deposed by people who might know all her dumb secrets that would prove who she really is, a dishonest, thieving, corrupt, know nothing, child sex abusing, repeated abortion having, tax evading, business failure and hypocritical whore.)

Derp. The group that smeared her is Republican, Bob. Actual conservative, which is anti sedition. Absolutely not Democrats….these are Republicans using Republican tactics against a fake Republican. Hang your head in shame.

? No, I don’t remember any stupid lie about Obama in an elderly white gay bathhouse (with no corroborating evidence whatsoever, unlike Boebert), I tend to not pay attention to the thousands of idiotic lies Republicans made up about him, like Trump’s popular racist birther movement based on pure lies and racism, but the outrageous stories about Trump and the sedition caucus all turn out to be true, verified in courts, or turn out to be vast under estimates of their criminality.

Lol. You telling someone to live in reality is the pot calling the clear glass pitcher black, buddy. You’re been living in a con. fantasy world since 08 at least, likely longer. So much that most people believe you are really a Russian attempting to spread misinformation (and failing miserably). You believe any stupid con. lie, the dumber the better like blaming Jan 6 on BLM and ANTIFA, like blaming Ukraine for its own invasion, like denying Cawthorn, Green, Gohbert, Boebert, Munez, and Gaetz are all sexual deviants that have sex with, or who personally help others sexually abuse children.
You calling someone else turd boy is also hilarious considering how consistently full of shit your positions are, unlike mine that can be backed up with citation and fact every time. Must get under your skin.
Poor boob.

PS- How you liking Walkers new admission, that even as he railed against deadbeat and absentee fathers, saying it should be criminalized, he actually has 3 secret children he neither raised nor supported. More blatant insane Republican hypocrisy from certifiably criminally insane Republican candidates. (He threatened to murder his wife then himself while holding a loaded gun to her head)

bobknight33 said:

So you are against women earning a living or are you just pissed that you didn't bang her?

Flimsy at best information from a leftest smear group.

You remember that Obama white old men gay bathhouse club in Chicago.
Or is that equally fake BS?

Turd boy. slow you roll and just live in reality.

newtboy says...

Oh sweet zombie Jebus….Boebert was a hooker in Colorado and had multiple abortions. Her weak denials are less believable than Cawthorn’s, and the evidence is her “sugar daddy” page with provocative photos of her looking for “pay to play” dates, and an unreported $70000 “donation” from Ted Cruise after her sugar daddy introduced them and she visited Ted in Texas (when she was still an “unlicensed escort”).

The investigators that made this public have BEGGED her to sue them so they can depose her under oath about these charges. She’s toast.

This on top of the revelation recently that her mileage fraud, where she was reimbursed for her claim that she drove almost 40000 miles in a few months campaigning in Colorado, was perpetrated because she was bankrupt and needed $20000 to save her family restaurant (she hadn’t been paying taxes and the state was going to foreclose on her), almost exactly the amount she was overpaid for her fake travel expenses. Now under investigation.

And let’s not forget she was with her husband when he exposed his penis to two 15 year old girls in a bowling alley and defended him over it, making her complicit in child sex abuse.

This is the Trumpist heroine, his “best people”. Oof.

newtboy says...

So we now have publicly available testimony under oath with corroborating evidence as proof that the “stop the steal” fraud was nothing but a plan to bilk poor donors into donating more to Trump, donations spent on himself, his family, and at his properties at exorbitant rates. He asked for donations to support the “election defense fund”, which did and does not exist.

He raised around $250 million, none of which was spent in court. Most was spent on Trump organizations and businesses, and paid to his family at $20000 per minute speaking rates at events where they asked for more donations.

For instance, Guilfoyle was paid $60K for one under 3 minute introduction of her boyfriend, Don jr.

I’m 100% certain that’s not the only outrageous appearance fee they paid themselves….ex presidents usually get over $200000 for a speaking fee, what do you bet Trump pays himself at least that for every rally, speech, or appearance at Maralago out of those funds that were supposed to be paying to fight in court. The problem being that Trump knew full well he had zero chance in court because he had zero evidence of his claims, every sober advisor in the White House and his children told him so.

Will any crime, lie, or theft ever be enough for you to see Trump as the steaming pile of shit that he is? He’s been caught committing school frauds, housing frauds, business frauds, bank frauds, tax frauds, charity frauds, and political frauds….mostly against people just like you who trust him.

JiggaJonson says...

I still think you're a Russian troll. I can't fathom why anyone would be so anti American aside from that. I'm tracking down your other aliases. Mine is always "Jiggajonson" fyi and my name is Jon, American supporter of a democratically elected politicians.

I'll touch the bottom of this swamp yet, comrade. When I do, I'll keep the FBI tip line handy. I've been quiet on this site but I've been watching you. Internet Research Agency 2.0 pumping out anti Ukraine propaganda today.

Here's to hoping you're just an idiot. If so, get your head out of your ass.

newtboy says...

It dropped precipitously because Elon was buying Twitter and would have to sell billions of stock to pay for it, just to name one self inflicted wound. The economic state should benefit Tesla, as you say, with gas at $5 and rising, ev’s are in high demand.

Gas in Canada is $6.75 US. UK is $5.75 in usd. Europe is around $5.25. But sure, it’s all Biden’s fault. Meanwhile my Exon, BP, and energy mutual funds are reporting record profits….but there’s no correlation. Hmmm.

I guess you didn’t hear Elon decided to cut his workforce by 10% anticipating a slump in sales. Elon doesn’t share your optimism.

Isn’t his major production hurdle a worldwide chip shortage, which he can do nothing about? Not sure how he’s going to ramp up production without more chips.

China isn’t the only economy in trouble….where is this unsold production supposed to go? Europe?…in trouble. US?… looking like we’re in trouble and a logistics nightmare. How much does shipping add to the price too? $5k? More?

All car manufacturers raised prices multiple times last year significantly, they all have a shortage of chips. I think it’s more likely he raised prices because he could without slowing down sales, not in order to slow sales.

Granted, ev’s are in high demand, but the big 3 are ramping up production and will outbuild Tesla in short order, as are European and Asian companies. He’s done great without competition, but some real competition is coming. The electric F150 is going to produce around 15000 this year with over 120000 (edit now 200000) reservations. They built a billion dollar factory for it alone, it will be the best selling full sized ev truck as soon as production starts. They also won’t have a chip constraint because they can take them from their huge f-150 supplies to meet production estimates.

If you want Tesla stock it’s not the worst time to invest, that was last November, but I certainly wouldn’t go all in. The PE ratio is still near 100….GAWD AWFUL. That’s called a speculative bubble….they pop. Ask Twitter.

Sorry about your dad. Mine died when I was 21. It’s never easy.

bobknight33 said:

I respectively disagree.

This is the buy of the year. 40% off from its high. Not from anything Tesla has done ( or not done) but from the economic state America is going through.

I don't think this will turn around till our leadership changes in 2024

Since last qtr 2021 Tesla opened 2 Giga Factories Texas and in Germany. They are ramping up and will get full speed in 2 years. This year expect 200 thousand from these as they ramp.

Giga Shanghai was shut down and lost 50, 000 vehicles of production. They reopened fully 2 weeks ago . China economy is taking a big hit. But what isn't sold will be ship and sold elsewhere.

2022 yearly estimate production is still about 1.5 M vehicles for the year.

Wait time from order to delivery is average 7 months. Tesla increase their prices 8 times last year to keep this 7 months from getting worse.

Demand out strips supply.

Gas at 5$/gal isn't helping the ICE vehicles at all and will push EV demand even higher.

Like I said

This is the buy of the year. 40% off from its high.
Also looks like a stock split of 3 to 1 is coming. This does nothing but make it cheaper for those who would like to enter this. One can do so at a lower, affordable price point.

Buy and hold

Buy 10 shares and hold for 5 o 10 years.

My dad passed away last month on the 28th. I've been out of work tending to him and now settling the estate.

JiggaJonson says...

Tell me again how it was peaceful and Trump isn't responsible for whatever these people did - let me know if u spot any ANTIFA in the fascist hellscape.

newtboy says...

And DeSantis’s staff has now been revealed to be unregistered foreign agents working for Russian (Georgia).
He blames the media.

I know you don’t care, because you put party before country every time.

newtboy says...

And….another partisan witch hunt of Clinton falls apart.

Michael Sussmann, Clinton attorney, acquitted of lying to the FBI after years of baseless hyperbolic accusations and investigation from Barr and a partisan special prosecutor, John Durham.
Three years of investigation/prosecution, took the jury 6 hours to unanimously acquit.

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