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To Promote

Created: 1 decade 1 year 8 months 3 weeks ago
Updated: 7 years 11 months 1 week ago
Views: 6,764

Looking for a video to promote... then look no further.

Sift Newbies in Need

Created: 1 decade 3 years 2 months 1 week ago
Updated: 1 decade 3 months 1 week ago
Views: 6,962

Dozens of probationary member's sifts vanish away in the queue without much notice. Some come back and try again, but many just don't have the strength or will to try again.

It doesn't have to be this way......With your help these Newbies can get the support they need to survive. Just one vote per day could make a difference. We waste so much more than that in one visit. You CAN make a difference.

In the time it took you to read this introduction, a newbie sift could have already died.

Self-Promote Trading Post

Created: 1 decade 1 year 11 months 1 week ago
Updated: 1 decade 3 months 4 weeks ago
Views: 1,023

Got a video that you posted and want to have promoted? Don't wanna waste a pesky 2 power points on doing it? You've come to the right place!

1. Add your own sifted or non-sifted videos to playlist
2. Find a video on playlist that you like and you'd like to promote.
3. *promote that video
4. Contact sifter of that video enlighten them of your deed so that they me complete their end of the transaction.

- You must be a gold 100 member to participate
- You must reciprocate promote within first renewal of power points. (If you don't have one at the time of promote)
- Do not promote the same video more than once in a single week
- Once a video is promoted it comes off of the list, preferably by the promoter. It's up to the user to re-add it at a later date

Hopefully, one day this will be automated :P

Women in Comedy

Created: 1 decade 1 year 12 months ago
Updated: 8 years 6 months 2 weeks ago
Views: 13,473

A tribute to the world's greatest comediennes.


Created: 1 decade 2 years 11 months ago
Updated: 4 years 4 months 3 weeks ago
Views: 1,566

i am a libertarian.
social liberal, fiscal conservative.

socially (very) liberal = legalize drugs, gambling, prostitution, etc.
it's not about whether or not you want to do it yourself. it's about whether or you can call the cops. government force is for crime, not morality. no victim, no crime.

fiscally (mostly) conservative = half of what our national government does, it was never intended to deal with.
and yes, it most certainly is (now) a National one, highly centralized & powerful, as preferred by Hamilton. not a Federal one, a more loosely-associated group of independent states, as preferred by Jefferson.

and yes, Hamilton knew that the colonies wanted to avoid a powerful, centralized, National government. which is precisely why he sold his Nationalist ideas as ... "The Federalist Papers".

eat your heart out, george orwell.

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