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Anyone else see Malick's Tree of Life?

Saw it in the Cinerama Dome in Hollywood Saturday Morning. It was only playing in 4 theaters this past weekend, but hopefully it'll open up to more soon. I won't give any details away just yet unless someone else has seen it, then we can geek out in the comments about it.

It's certainly a movie that needs to be seen on the big screen.


Free *qualites for anyone who fixes 4 dead videos (Blog Post)

If you can fix four of my dead videos (link below), I'll owe you a *quality or *promote (when available) to be used on any video of your choice.

Please list the four below to redeem. Every four fixes earns you a *quality or *promote. PM me with the video you'd like me to *quality or *promote. No limit except for the number of dead videos in the queue.

In times of crisis people seek strong leaders and simple solutions. But what if their solutions are identical to the mistakes that caused the very crisis? This is the story of the greatest economic crisis... continue reading

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Saturday morning cartoons taught you collectivism!


One of the writers of Dungeons & Dragons, Mark Evanier, made the following confession on his blog. NOTE, THIS IS JUST A PORTION OF HIS BLOG AND NOT THE ENTIRE ENTRY:

Dungeons & Dragons was a series about six kids who were transported to a dimension filled with wizards and fire-snorting reptiles and cryptic clues and an extremely-evil despot named Venger. The youngsters were trapped in this game-like environment but, fortunately, they were armed with magical skills and weaponry, the better to foil Venger's insidious plans each week.

The kids were all heroic — all but a semi-heroic member of their troupe named Eric. Eric was a whiner, a complainer, a guy who didn't like to go along with whatever the others wanted to do. Usually, he would grudgingly agree to participate, and it would always turn out well, and Eric would be glad he joined in. He was the one thing I really didn't like about the show.

So why, you may wonder, did I leave him in there? Answer: I had to.

As you may know, there are those out there who attempt to influence the content of childrens' television. We call them "parents groups," although many are not comprised of parents, or at least not of folks whose primary interest is as parents. Study them and you'll find a wide array of agendum at work...and I suspect that, in some cases, their stated goals are far from their real goals.

Nevertheless, they all seek to make kidvid more enriching and redeeming, at least by their definitions, and at the time, they had enough clout to cause the networks to yield. Consultants were brought in and we, the folks who were writing cartoons, were ordered to include certain "pro-social" morals in our shows. At the time, the dominant "pro-social" moral was as follows: The group is always right...the complainer is always wrong.

This was the message of way too many eighties' cartoon shows. If all your friends want to go get pizza and you want a burger, you should bow to the will of the majority and go get pizza with them. There was even a show for one season on CBS called The Get-Along Gang, which was dedicated unabashedly to this principle. Each week, whichever member of the gang didn't get along with the gang learned the error of his or her ways.

We were forced to insert this "lesson" in D & D, which is why Eric was always saying, "I don't want to do that" and paying for his social recalcitrance. I thought it was forced and repetitive, but I especially objected to the lesson. I don't believe you should always go along with the group. What about thinking for yourself? What about developing your own personality and viewpoint? What about doing things because you decide they're the right thing to do, not because the majority ruled and you got outvoted?

We weren't allowed to teach any of that. We had to teach kids to join gangs. And then to do whatever the rest of the gang wanted to do.

What a stupid thing to teach children.

Now, I won't make the leap to charge that gang activity, of the Crips and Bloods variety, increased on account of these programs. That influential, I don't believe a cartoon show could ever be. I just think that "pro-social" message was bogus and ill-conceived. End of confession.


Read his entire blog here:


Here's one of his episodes. Notice right from the start how much Eric (the guy sulking in the video thumb) complains and wants to do things himself without the team.

At 1:17, Eric stomps off on his own and by doing so brings a dragon onto the team. They defeat the dragon by combining their efforts as a team. Doesn't that just sound right? Teamwork? Sounds right somehow. Like it's a term ingrained into my memory to mean good.

And finally the worst example of selfish individualism comes around 5:43. Damn, he's negative!

"I don't ride anything that gives milk!"

For the old-timers: Should Choggie be allowed back in the sift?

  (39 votes)
  (22 votes)
  (3 votes)

A total of 64 votes have been cast on this poll.

I write this in response to the banning of, allegedly, Choggie's new account Phonecium. (I assume that it is him, as people seem pretty sure.)

I think it's a farce that we keep banning him like this, no matter how well he behaves. Swampgirl has famously argued for his case before, but as far as I know it never got to a vote. She wanted a full pardon - reinstation of the Choggie account, but personally I feel that a ban is a ban, so the user is forfeited (and I make the poll, so there..).

I put this question as simply as I can, with simple vote options:
*Yes, on a new account - He will be allowed to make his next account (or the phonecium reinstated) and be left in peace as long as he abides by our rules.
*No, never. - We will continue to ban any new account he makes, effectively banning the person behind the mask.
*Undecided - For those of you who do not know Choggie or don't have an opinion on the matter.

I encourage people who has strong opinions about this to sound out in the comments and I hope people will vote what they think is right.

Prospective Principle Guidelines for the USA? (Blog Post)

This is something interesting, and I wanted to gauge your response of the following 17 principle guidelines that are being bandied about right now. This is copied directly without being altered, and for now I'd like to keep the origin of the material secret until I've heard all responses.

This doesn't appear to be anything being proposed for legislation currently, but instead a list of principle guidelines being proposed by a certain affiliation of a certain Party. What do you think of them? Do you agree this would be a good direction for the US? And why? Please list your thoughts below. Thanks.

... more inside ...

Obama is Selling You Out?

This is George from and he has a message for Democrats. He also seems to be a bit tipsy in this video.

I also hope you enjoy my Fox News title above. It would be a statement except I added a question mark, so it has the illusion of being a fair and balanced question.

Here's what George from wrote on his YouTube page:

Think the Teabaggers Are Crazy Now? Just Wait.

If the above referenced Daily Kos article is anywhere near to what some of you are thinking about what we are thinking... Heaven help all of us....
We don't hate Obama because he is Black, we don't hate sick people. We have compassion. We want this country to work again and any fool can see it is broken. The Washington DC cesspool is not the answer....self sufficiency, self reliance, community cooperation, small businesses...these are the things that need to start working again...

If you think all this fuss is over the "public option" you are missing the point....the Second American Revolution is coming... I will be standing on the right side of history

25 Random things about me... (Blog Post)

This chain letter-esk flotsom has been circling around on facebook and thought that it would share nicely here on the blog, I encourage other sifters to jump in and add their own 25 in the comments.


25 Random things about Randy

1. I loved performing magic tricks as a child and actually performed at birthday parties

2. I have flat feet, Fred Flintstone flat feet

3. I once appeared as a voice actor on the radio in the 70s

4. I have held Cecil B. Demiles Best Picture Oscar statue for "The Greatest Show On Earth" in my hands

5. I was born in Naples, Italy and held Italian citizenship till the age of 16

6. I studied as an actor in college for 2 years at The North Carolina School Of The Arts

7. I graduated from The North Carolina School Of The Arts with a BFA in Design And Production

8. I was voted "Best All Around Boy" as a senior in High School

9. I stole comic books as a child, because I was pressured to do so by my "so called" friends

10. I smoked a pack of cigarettes a day from the age of 20 till the age of 30

11. I was named after my mother’s brother, James

12. I was nominated for a Grammy Award in 2006

13. I didn’t win a Grammy Award In 2006

14. I moved to Los Angeles in 1988 to work on the pilot of David Lynch’s TV show “Twin Peaks”

15. I am the first person in my family to attain a college level degree

16. I learned to tie my shoes from a Ronald McDonald clown in Miami, Florida

17. I think clowns are creepy

18. My first car was a 1977 Ford Maverick

19. I am a member of The International Thespian Society since 1980

20. I love being a father

21. I wish I had followed through on my guitar lessons

22. I shave while I shower

23. I have visited Camp David on several occasions

24. I was a RA (Resident Assistant) in college

25. I once sold used cars for a living

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