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IRS Hits Oakland Pot Shop With $2.4M Tax Bill (Blog Post)

The federal government has found a new weapon in its war on marijuana — the tax man.

A San Francisco Bay area medical marijuana dispensary that promotes itself as the world's largest has been hit with a $2.4 million tax bill following an audit by the Internal Revenue Service, the dispensary founder said Tuesday.

The back taxes, penalties and interest levied against Harborside Health Center came after the IRS examined its returns for 2007 and 2008 and determined a 1982 tax code prohibiting cost deductions for businesses that traffic in illegal drugs applies to the dispensary.

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Free Market Solution to AIDS Research (Blog Post)

In just three weeks, gamers deciphered the structure of a key protein in the development of AIDS that has stumped scientists for years.

“Following the failure of a wide range of attempts to solve the crystal structure of M-PMV retroviral protease by molecular replacement, we challenged players of the protein folding game Foldit to produce accurate models of the protein,” the study reads. “Remarkably, Foldit players were able to generate models of sufficient quality for successful molecular replacement and subsequent structure determination. The refined structure provides new insights for the design of antiretroviral drugs.”

News on this found here:;_ylt=A0oGk7qe3nhOP08AMhxhxrF_?p=gamers+aids+research&fr=ush-globalnews&,2817,2393200,00.asp

Instead of leaving it to the centrally selected experts, they opened it up to everyone and let the free market do the work that it does best which is servicing the greater good.

Jokes (Blog Post)

What kind of overalls does Mario wear?

What did the one continental plate say to the next after the earthquake?

Not my fault.

We're ban happy on the Sift and it sucks (Blog Post)

Just the other week 3 people were banned (1 banned permanently). This week someone was banned for saying, "And you wonder why blacks are still call the n word." Really? That's the bannable offense? If he said, "And you wonder why white people are still called crackers," you think he'd be banned? And who cares if he did say that? Grow thicker skin!

What a bunch of horseshit. Why hasn't anyone stepped up about his ban, I wonder? Maybe because secretly liberalsift doesn't want him to be here, because he's a minority - a conservative?

No wonder some people break furniture on their way out. Can't say I blame them.

Why is government... (Blog Post)

Doing so little to end prison sexual assault?

Adding "No Knock Raids" to their arsenal?

Not rehabilitating prisoners?

Continuing the drug war (40 years now!)? It fills 1/3 of court dockets.

Making sex offenders of people who moon or 18 year olds who have sex with their 17 year old girlfriends?

Treating immigrants like POWs?

Encouraging criminal informants?

Creating more wars?


Funding nonessential things you don't want to fund?

Holding a monopoly on first class mail?

Ignoring the Bill of Rights for some?

Locking up more minorities than whites?

Initiating wars when there's no national threat?

Spending trillions to help poverty levels, yet poverty has been stuck at 12% for roughly 40 years?

Hurting poor people with regulations and licensing?

Bailing out private businesses?

Incapable of fixing the unemployment?

Licensing businesses?

Forcing taxpayers to support charitable groups?

Claiming to be bankrupt at the local level?

Telling people who they can and cannot marry?

Making consumer decisions?
... more inside ...

Survivor of Slavery Dies in Brazil at Age of 129 (Blog Post)

Maria do Carmo Jeronimo, a former slave whose lack of a birth certificate prevented her recognition as the world's oldest woman, has died at the age of 129. Jeronimo died of a stroke late on Wednesday at the University Hospital in Itajuba, 300 km (200 miles) north-west of Rio. Maria do Carmo Jeronimo lived in three centuries

According to church records, Jeronimo was born on 5 March 1871 in the southeastern town of Carmo de Minas, in Minas Gerais state. Brazil then was a monarchy under Emperor Pedro II, and Jeronimo, who was black, was born into slavery. She was 17 when Brazil finally abolished slavery, but never left Minas Gerais.

For six decades she worked as a housemaid for the Guimaraes family, which in recent years tried unsuccessfully to have her recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as the world's oldest woman.

Read the rest of the article here:

Homeless Woman Arrested for Sending Son to Public School (Blog Post)


A homeless woman in Connecticut has been arrested for one of the most unthinkable reasons imaginable -- she sent her son to school. Tonya McDowell, 33, was arrested last week and charged with first-degree larceny for stealing $15,686 -- the cost of the public school education for her 6-year-old son.

To make matters worse, the child's babysitter, who provided documentation that said the boy lived at her Norwalk address, was evicted from her public housing unit for her role in his education. McDowell and her son had been bouncing between an acquaintance's home in Bridgeport and a homeless shelter in Norwalk with the boy spending afternoons with the babysitter. The school he attended was in Norwalk School District, which had recently decided to crack down on infiltrators.

Norwalk Mayor Richard Moccia told the Stamford Advocate, "This now sends a message to other parents that may have been living in other towns and registering their kids with phony addresses."

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