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Simpsons' Springfield - not necessarily in Oregon

Sorry Oregon, you won't be able to claim Homer, Bart and the rest of The Simpsons clan as your own. The Simpsons creator Matt Groening confirms exclusively to TV Guide Magazine that his recent statements were misinterpreted — he did not reveal that his long-running animated Fox comedy was set in Oregon.

"I never said Springfield was in Oregon," Groening says. "I said Springfield was the name of my sled...."

My literary taste brings all the boys to the yard.

Harrassment on Facebook = fun on the Sift. So I'm importing yet another running Facebook poll to Videosift, since I'd rather share here anyway. Would love to hear everyone else's...


Ten Books that Stick with You

This can be a quick one. Don't take too long to think about it--Ten books you've read that will always stick with you. First ten you can recall in no more than 15 minutes.

1. Ali Smith - Hotel World
2. David Sedaris - Me Talk Pretty One Day
3. Junot Diaz - The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao
4. Toni Morrison - Song of Solomon
5. Katherine Dunn - Geek Love
6. Barbara Kingsolver - The Bean Trees
7. Stephen King - On Writing
8. Lewis Carroll - The Annotated Alice
9. Louise Erdrich - The Master Butchers Singing Club
10. Maxine Hong Kingston - The Woman Warrior

Crazy Google ads

I couldn't help but notice the flurry of anti-Obama Google ads on the sift in the past few months at the height of the election.

Now that Obama has WON, I don't mind sharing a few. I find the one with Obama smoking in the company of Castro and his ilk quite compelling, if not poorly cut together. Here is a smattering of these and other ads that have been circulating the sift:

So... questions:

(1) How are these ads chosen to appear on the sift? Search terms? Content? Right-wing conspiracy?
(2) Why does Moses have bunny ears?
(3) Is that supposed to be a LASER through Ben Franklin's EYES?
(4) Does this ad make me look fat?

Campaign Gear in the Voting Booth

So I got this e-mail forward saying that certain states have a law prohibiting campaign gear in the voting booth. The warning was that this law has been in place for a long time, but that it hasn't necessarily been enforced, though you can bet it will be enforced this November.

One article identifies the particular states as Delaware, Kansas, Minnesota, Montana, New Jersey, New York, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Vermont.

Anyone hear about this or have any experiences related to this?

Videosift's on Facebook?!

So on a lark I decided to search Videosift on Facebook and lo and behold there are 23 members. Good job Dag!

I just joined (bookworm site!) and saw that they have a Facebook app that is almost as robust as the actual website itself, and I was thinking how cool would it be to do a little netvertising for the sift on Facebook... At LEAST post the top 15 as an app or something? I may be talking crazy as I'm not sure of the technicalities and all...

Anyhoo, I'm all for increasing our fan base and wanted to know what anyone thought.
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