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Enough already, Eric3579 -- let us celebrate you!

Come one, come all, come coax Eric3579 into finally getting GALAXY!!!!

Mr Eric has the highest vote per video average than any large presence on the Sift. That happens in part because he keeps killing videos that don't perform well.

Friends of Mr Eric -- and I know you are legion -- please come coax him into the World of Galaxy.

I'm doing this sift talk for selfish reasons -- I want to hear Dag's song! I want to see his personal badge.

And I want to celebrate Mr Sift himself. He was the first person who talked to me on the sift 10 years ago, and he gave me so much support. I have watched him do the same for others.

Thanks for being my Sift Buddy all these years, Eric.

What do you like about Sift Five?

Dag and lucky are champs to work so hard on Sift5 and then stand there while we grouse and complain.

I would like to carve out this little space where we only talk about what we like about Sift5. So Dag and Lucky can bask a bit.

They deserve to bask for all that they have given us, yeah?

Silence on the Power Point limitation?

I had misread the new limitation on power point accumulation and thought that power points were going to be better than before. Instead, earning power points from stellar performance is now severely limited. But nobody is talking about it. So I figured, well, nobody cares. But then I discovered someone else had misread the limitation. So maybe the silence is because more than just us two read it wrong? Do we all know that we can no longer earn power points in excess of the number of years we've been on the Sift? [edit] That noobs are limited to a maximum one power point for 1 year, 364 days, regardless of performance? [edit edit] Except they can buy more points....

Rudyard Kipling got it right -- Natural Theology


I ate my fill of a whale that died
And stranded after a month at sea. . . .
There is a pain in my inside.
Why have the Gods afflicted me?
Ow! I am purged till I am a wraith!
Wow! I am sick till I cannot see!
What is the sense of Religion and Faith :
Look how the Gods have afflicted me!


How can the skin of rat or mouse hold
Anything more than a harmless flea?. . .
The burning plague has taken my household.
Why have my Gods afflicted me?
All my kith and kin are deceased,
Though they were as good as good could be,
I will out and batter the family priest,
Because my Gods have afflicted me!


My privy and well drain into each other
After the custom of Christendie. . . .
Fevers and fluxes are wasting my mother.
Why has the Lord afflicted me?
The Saints are helpless for all I offer--
So are the clergy I used to fee.
Henceforward I keep my cash in my coffer,
Because the Lord has afflicted me.


I run eight hundred hens to the acre
They die by dozens mysteriously. . . .
I am more than doubtful concerning my Maker,
Why has the Lord afflicted me?
What a return for all my endeavour--
Not to mention the L. S. D!
I am an atheist now and for ever,
Because this God has afflicted me!


Money spent on an Army or Fleet
Is homicidal lunacy. . . .
My son has been killed in the Mons retreat,
Why is the Lord afflicting me?
Why are murder, pillage and arson
And rape allowed by the Deity?
I will write to the Times, deriding our parson
Because my God has afflicted me.


We had a kettle: we let it leak:
Our not repairing it made it worse.
We haven't had any tea for a week. . .
The bottom is out of the Universe!


This was none of the good Lord's pleasure,
For the Spirit He breathed in Man is free;
But what comes after is measure for measure,
And not a God that afflicteth thee.
As was the sowing so the reaping
Is now and evermore shall be.
Thou art delivered to thine own keeping.
Only Thyself hath afflicted thee!

Mintbbb is Galaxy!

This Galactic Event deserves its own Sift Talk! Gather one, gather all, and bestow upon the Great and Glorious Mintbbb all honors and accolades that befit such status.

I bow to your gloriousness, mine liege.

New Libertarian Country. Wanna go? Discuss....

It goes like this: Friedman wants to establish new sovereign nations built on oil-rig-type platforms anchored in international waters—free from the regulation, laws, and moral suasion of any landlocked country. They'd be small city-states at first, although the aim is to have tens of millions of seasteading residents by 2050. Architectural plans for a prototype involve a movable, diesel-powered, 12,000-ton structure with room for 270 residents, with the idea that dozens—perhaps even hundreds—of these could be linked together. Friedman hopes to launch a flotilla of offices off the San Francisco coast next year; full-time settlement, he predicts, will follow in about seven years; and full diplomatic recognition by the United Nations, well, that'll take some lawyers and time.

"The ultimate goal," Friedman says, "is to open a frontier for experimenting with new ideas for government." This translates into the founding of ideologically oriented micro-states on the high seas, a kind of floating petri dish for implementing policies that libertarians, stymied by indifference at the voting booths, have been unable to advance: no welfare, looser building codes, no minimum wage, and few restrictions on weapons.

It's a vivid, wild-eyed dream—think Burning Man as reimagined by Ayn Rand's John Galt and steered out to sea by Captain Nemo—but Friedman and Thiel, aware of the long and tragicomic history of failed libertarian utopias, believe that entrepreneurial zeal sets this scheme apart.

Harry Potter Characters as New Born Baby Dolls.

Potter Babies! One skilled newborn babydoll artist has made ultra-realistic versions of Harry Potter characters as newborns. Behold the twisted limbs of baby Dobby, the furry face of Baby Remus Lupin, and stare into the snake eyes of Baby Voldermort!

I don't know how to get the pictures here. If someone else wants to do it as a different Sift Talk Post, I'll delete this one.

Would it be helpful to have a *notadupe invocation?

  (30 votes)
  (14 votes)

A total of 44 votes have been cast on this poll.

First let me say -- it is just vids. No lives are on the line. It's just a bunch of pixels and a big dose of Loving Our Vids and Our Stars and Our Votes.

And -- making things work a little smoother is nice. Slick. Happy. Ease.... I love the ease....

So having established that this isn't a huge tragedy, just a nicety...

Sometimes, a dupe is called when it clearly isn't a dupe according to Sift guidelines. This usually happens inadvertently (I've been told that there have been folks who have flamed out doing it, but I have never seen that. Before my time.)

The problem is, once a *dupeof is called, all it takes is for a well-meaning person to come along and *isdupe without fully investigating -- or without reading the whole comment stream where the lack of dupeness is acknowledged and agreed upon.

It was pointed out to me that even if the original *dupeof person realizes they made a mistake, removing the comment won't stop an *isdupe from happening. Once the invocation has been called, it is permanent.

Here is the situation that prompted this sift talk post:

There was a 4:40 minute vid posted. Someone came along and excerpted 11 seconds of that vid and posted it. Unfortunately, the time signature on the really short vid wasn't completed, it was left blank.

Someone else came along, saw what looked like a dupe (the topic, the thumbnail, it really looked like a dupe) and duped it without watching it.

But now it is a permanent thing -- that dupeof is sitting there like a ticking time bomb. There is nothing to stop the vid from being duped out of existence.

I know that there is a presumption that dupes are fully investigated before being called, but hey. Human error. It happens. (I even duped myself once, when it wasn't a dupe -- same situation: saw the topic and thumbnail but didn't see the huge time difference and rushed to dupe myself, which of course was permanent. D'oh.)

I don't know how hard it is to program a new invocation. Hopefully it is easy. [edit] To be clear, this would be an invocation after dupeof and before isdupe is called. I understand once the dupe has been "completed", it is a done deal.

If folks agree that we need it, of course.

I'm not enjoying the trolling on the Sift.

You know, I hid my gender for a long time here, because I didn't want to put up with a bunch of asshole men attacking a woman's point of view. I was afraid that if I spoke up from my point of view, I would get trashed.

It has been so nice to just be myself here, without fear.

And then. @spoco2 spoke up on C-Punch video, as did a number of others.

Since then, it has been a downward spiraling troll fest that, for me, is getting uglier and uglier.

I like the guys that are doing the trolling. I also wish they would stop.

I realize that saying something is likely to set off another round of bashing on folks who come here as a respite from the Norm of the Internet.

I don't think censorship is okay. Please don't get me wrong.

But why this need to punish, guys? It is ugly. I'm not enjoying it.

Is this how people get run off from the Sift?

I have read posts, after the fact, discussing how so-and-so got their "feelings hurt" and left the Sift. Is this how it happens?

My feelings aren't hurt. I just don't want to see promoted on the front page what feels like an unending assault against the sensibilities of women and those who truly care about women.

I know I risk setting the trolls off again. (I hate calling the folks I like trolls.) I want to speak up, though. I don't want to stay silent.

Here's a question -- if these sexist videos (and yes, they are sexist videos) were RACIST videos, would the community allow them to continue? Why is that blatant -- or even sly -- sexism is still okay but racism is not?

Here's another question -- why would people I like continue doing things that they know upset me and others like me? I understand that behavior in the faceless morass that is YouTube or the internet in general, but here? Where we like each other -- mostly?

This is what spoco2 was talking about, I think. The bully boy frat boy tactics that are designed to shame people into silence.

Well, I'm not going away. And I'm not silent.

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