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bareboards2 says...

Hey Meatbag! Thanks for the power points. I shall attempt to use them wisely.

You are a kind and generous person, who ere you are.

siftbot said:

You just received a gift of 6 Power Points from an anonymous meatbag. Spend them well, and make your generous benefactor proud.

siftbot says...

You just received a gift of 6 Power Points from an anonymous meatbag. Spend them well, and make your generous benefactor proud.

vil says...

I take all that to heart.

In my native language and for me any woman under my age is a girl AND any man or woman taking part in sports and games is a boy or girl. They would be greeted and befriended in a much less formal manner than, for example during an opera performance intermission in the theatre hallway or in a workplace setting. For me girls running around on skis with guns are girls, I dont think of them as world class athletes but as ordinary people doing something enjoyable and rewarding.

I have trouble being entirely serene in the face of political correctness, so do feel free to correct my errors if I am found wanting in this area, even if I sometimes may appear to not take things seriously. Just a disclaimer.

"Edit this video" is now hidden in a menu that appears when you hover over your name above your video (Eric told me). Thanks.

bareboards2 said:

Ah! Excuse me for being vague.

Girl is a young person. Age 17 or less.

A woman is a world class athlete.

If you want to fix it, look for the words "edit this video" underneath the video, bottom left.

Click on that and you can fix your description. If you want to.

oblio70 says...

thanks...Michaela was our first child, born 2004, with HLHS (basically, no left ventricle and closed aorta, and a number of holes in the heart), and we quite literally lived in Hospital for close to half the year for the whole time. We are incredibly lucky to still be together through "all this", and this is coming from 6 years after her death...and the effects/affects keep a'coming. But through it all, if we didn't experience it directly, we knew someone who did. [personal micro-example: nurse preyed, hospital lock-down/police protection, then suicide...uh...]

doubt that clarified anything...sorry.

bareboards2 said:

Can't say I understood all this.

And thanks for sharing.

Give the kid a noogie from a stranger, will you?

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