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BBC (blocked?) The first presidential debate in full

This is in British as it may be blocked to just the UK.

Summary/points and the full debate if wonted.

Fact Checker:

Interesting. about equal.

Score card:

Looks similar to my gut, that this is turning out about equal, with the appeal being to the converted. So McCain supporters seeing it as a victory for him, and vice versa for Obama. Whilst i'd favour Obama (McCain is Satan and Palin is his Bride) I'm not swayed that this was strong for him. I'd hoped that he'd come across stronger.

I'll be curious about the future debates if this pattern changes.

WTF, is it swearing?

So, I just wrote wtf somewhere in response to a facebook update by someone (reasonably so in my view) and got told not to swear!

How does the sift side on this. Is WTF:

1) An unacceptable swear term?
2) Just a swear term (acceptability be damned)
3) not even rating the distinction of the designation.

Vote away!

YouTube bans some weapons footage in the UK

YouTube is to ban footage showing weapons being used to intimidate people on its website in the UK.

The new policy was being introduced because of "particular concern" in Britain over the subject, the site's owners, Google, said.

MPs criticised video-sharing websites, including YouTube, in July, saying they should be doing more to vet content.

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith welcomed the YouTube ban and called on other internet sites to follow suit.

YouTube said the introduction of the new rule on weapons and intimidation would be the first time the site had made a policy change targeted specifically at the UK.

Request *Promote available to G and maybe S

This would obviously only work on other peoples vids (self promote being different) require 1 PP, and possibly have a longer decay (say 3day+ for G 5+ for silver, or whatever, depending on if its felt to be being overused)

With requeues having been ultra common, and now gone, we might find the front page gets very bare. this may be good, but if it's too bare, a balance might be found by re-enabling gold (and maybe silver) *save as was.

I'm certainly happy for us to wait a while to see how the dynamic mechanics of the new system play out, but i'd like it to be considered.

'Mach 20' paper airplane could launch from Space Station

It would be the farthest such flight by a long shot, and the most difficult. But a Japanese astronautics engineer is determined to throw a paper airplane from Earth orbit.

University of Tokyo Professor Shinji Suzuki is working with Japanese origami experts to launch a specially-designed origami aircraft from the International Space Station and return it to Earth, unassisted.


During last week's preliminary trials, Suzuki successfully proved a smaller prototype paper airplane's ability to withstand such heat: Using a University of Tokyo wind tunnel facility (pictured below), Suzuki exposed an 8-centimetre version of the plane to Mach 7 speeds for ten seconds (pictured above), with temperatures reaching between 200 and 300 degrees Celsius.

There's a wind tunnel vid of this at the article too.

Issy got her diamond :)

Issykitty: comments unsifted sifted blog

Rank: 33
Rating: 250 star points
Votes Received: 4754
Votes Cast: 4385
Comments Posted: 1127 • browse
Sifted Videos: 235
Unsifted Vids: 4
Sift Talk Posts: 2
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Dead Pool Fixes: 14
Public Playlists: 5 • browse
Profile Views: 25312

and look at: Votes Received: 4754 > Votes Cast: 4385 !!!

You Tube allows access restrictions?

The story in this video thread shows what seems to be YT being able to allow video submitters (e.g. big corporate "partner" ones like Warner) to restrict access to the videos they provide based on regions (probably for comedy central style regional copyright)

As JAPR has posted the link to the original warner YT video, we can try to confirm if this is so. In which case, we may need to disallow some YT submitter videos, as they will cause "This video is unavailable." for some of us.


Can people for all around the world confirm if this YT URL works, and if not, what message they get, posting the message and their location in this thread.

Advanced Search 101

Info in first post so as not to clutter ST with a long post. Please add your tips, questions, etc.

EDIT ok, i'm done posting the HowTo. Please add and criticize.

Intel has withdrawn its funding and technical help from OLPC

BBC News story

"The chip maker has been promoting its own cheap laptop, the Classmate, in many of the same places as the OLPC.

"OLPC had asked Intel to end our support for non-OLPC platforms, including the Classmate PC, and to focus on the OLPC platform exclusively," said Mr Mulloy . "At the end of the day, we decided we couldn't accommodate that request."

He added that the use of AMD chips in the first XO laptops had not influenced its decision."

UPDATE: OLPC Side Looks like there was more to it, which is unsuprising

BBC News In pictures: 'Natural cesarean '

The In pictures link

Wasn't 100% sure which channel this most warrants, as theres no "health" channel as such, but theres been many a Birth sifts and discussions here, so this felt most appropriate.

There can be all kinds of reasons that a cesarean might be considered, and that methods and approaches can be sought to minimize the trauma for all involved seems a great thing.

I've also experienced something thats probably as close as a man can get to a cesarean operation, so that adds to my personal curiosity.

How do the women of the sift feel about it? Have any personal stories they would be happy to share?

It seems to be more common than i had realized, judging from this site, with an image sideshow of the more traditional approach.

To *findthumb or not to *findthumb

I know that YT apparently has 3 possible thumbnails for a vid, the first last and middle frames, and I assume that with YT vids, *findthumb should switch which of these 3 VS is using as its thumb for the vid. I've no idea how other hosts handle thumbnails.

I've seen many a findthumb invocation made in a dispirited way where the invoker has no faith that it will succeed, and have never spotted one that sifty reported as a success. Has he ever succeeded? Did it used to work, but stopped working a while back? Does it work for some hosts still but not others?

Just wondering if sifties thumb finding success rate is actually above zero tbh.

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