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Embedr - Coming to a Sift Near You

This allows you to create custom playlist embeds. It allows for playlists from several different video-hosts, and is pretty easy to use.

I can at least one issue arising from this, namely what happens if someone wants to create a playlist of several scenes from a single movie and title it "Kick-Ass action compilation"? Should the sift allow this? Should the sift maintain a strict one-video one-submission rule? Embedr can be very useful for documentaries and such, but customized playlists could cause problems.

Also, I don't know if Embedr will allow a playlist to contain videos from different sources (ie. Youtube vids and Dailymotion vids in the same playlist). I don't have the time to check it out, but someone should and report back (please).

This could also be great for user playlists (like my Cool Music playlist) if there's some way to work it. Like I said I'm busy tonight, but please do discuss.

Oh...and you're welcome.

Need some help with channel customization

So hello there. I am trying to customize this channel and I need some help. I don't do code well (or at all - getting youtube vids to start at a certain time is about the extent of it) - so I was hoping someone could lend a hand.

So, the Fire channel avatar you see isn't in .gif (even though the link I posted was a .gif (

I would like to have a .gif for the channel avatar. I know, I know, lame...but I like it.

Also, I need to know if anyone knows a good source for some sidebar content.

Thoughts on G8/G20 and the protests that go with them?

So, everyone knows the G8/G20 is meeting in Toronto (and Huntsville).

Apparently, the big theme for the meetings is Debt Reduction. Whaddya think?

How do you see the protests that have been taking place? Is violence ever justified? Pics.

Do the minority of the protesters who vandalize and attack security folks have just cause? Are they ruining it for the peaceful demonstrators? Do they only serve to tarnish the many causes of other protesters and groups?

What do you think the G8/G20 leaders should be focusing on? How would you go about solving the world's problems?

Please add links to photos, images, and news article you think are pertinent.

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