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PlayhousePals says...

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My dilemma? The privacy of my own home is a smoke free property. [Thank the stars for vaporizers!]

Inside...outside though? I'm sure your yard or something could work right?

Nope ... it's a large, busy apartment complex =o(

May I suggest the roof.

You may, but there is no roof access. PLUS the entire property is non smoking [one is relegated to go down by the lake or up by the street ... both city property]. There is a $185.00 fine and the possibility of eviction if caught.

Time to move.

Definitely a serious consideration when my lease is up =oD

hpqp says...

I'm not a film maker but a cinephile, and from what I gather you have two of the exceptions correct. Another is when breaking the fourth wall or if a character is also a narrator (eg Rango).
In reply to this comment by TheFreak:

I know there are some film makers on the sift. Somebody explain to me the rule on looking at the camera. I got the idea from somewhere that you were supposed to look off to the side of the camera rather than directly at it, in order to not freak the viewer out.

From this video it looks like there are two exceptions?

1. When the camera respresents the frame of reference of a character.
2. When you WANT to freak the viewer out.

Am I pretty close?

bareboards2 says...


Thanks for the info.

But daaaang.

In reply to this comment by TheFreak:
So if you don't live in Colorado you're missing half the story.

Due to a recent policy change, failing to vote in any election removes you from the electoral registry. So if you didn't vote in the last state election, for example, you are not a registered voter in Colorado. This policy is recent enough that many people preparing to vote in November will not realize they are no longer a registered voter.

Not to worry, if you go to vote and find you're not registered, you can register at the polling site. All you need is a photo ID.

Add to that the recent attempt by Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler (Republican) to purge voters by challenging their citizenship. Seems ironic that the US sends monitors to other countries to ensure fair elections.

siftbot says...

Happy anniversary! Today marks year number 3 since you first became a Sifter and the community is better for having you. Thanks for your contributions!

siftbot says...

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ChaosEngine says...

In reply to this comment by TheFreak:
Put a thousand fruit flies in a box and you can watch the entire circle of life, played out in multiple generations, in a matter of days.
Now, stand back far enough to view the entirety of human existence in one box and the objective eye will discern no greater purpose than the fruit fly. We live, we reproduce, we die. All of human evolution and technical advancement bent to the simple purpose of continuing to exist.

We are ultimately seperated from the fruit fly by one thing; a simple question,

The contemplation of our own mortality is undoubtedly the single factor that has inspired us to become more than the sum of our individual lives. The yearning to outlive ourselves, to defy the inherent pointlessness of existence, to deny the emptiness of the void that precedes us and remains, undisturbed, after we're gone. The human defiance of the finity and futility of life drives the greatest achievements of our species.

Humanity, alone among the animals of the earth, has taken the gifts of evolution and harnessed them to scream its answer to the empty cosmos with soul wrenching achievements of art and philosophy. Those creations of mankind that we experience as a feeling, rising up from inside us and overwhelming our minds with a beauty and perfection far greater than ourselves.

The great accomplishments of mankind that elevate the purpose of our existence:
The philosophy of Aristotle
The architecture of Angkor Wat and St. Peter's Basilica
The art and discovery of Leonardo Da Vinci
The grandeur of the Sistine Chapel and the humble beauty of Van Gogh
The feets of engineering; the great wall of china and Apollo moon landing
All the great works of the most inspired among us, who could encapsulate beauty, wonder, humor and tragedy into discrete works of brilliance:

Shakespeare, Sophocles, Mark Twain, Hemingway, Kepler, Gödel, Newton, Hippocrates, Bach, Wagner, Coltrane, Hume, Kant, Descartes, Tesla, Gutenberg, Frank Lloyd Wright...
...and Bill Murray.

Except for his work on Garfield.
That movie was fucking horrible.

My life is better for having read that comment.

siftbot says...

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