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oritteropo says...

I meant to answer the 2nd part of your comment too... I have spent my entire life ignoring food fads For instance, I ate butter and cheese when it was considered madness to do so, and still do now that everyone else has caught up to the fact that margarine isn't really that much better (if at all, depending on type) and that a little cheese won't hurt either. I ate normal seasonal fruit (apples, oranges, strawberries etc.) when goji berries were all the rage, and still do now that people have pointed out that superfoods aren't really that different from normal ones

Perhaps I haven't totally ignored the fads, since I seem to recall some of them, but I have tried not to drastically change my diet in response to them.

One of my work colleagues bought in to a "liver cleansing" diet, and spent a whole week eating nothing but apples! I don't think that is a good idea at all, and I think that afterwards he pretty much agreed with me (and never wanted to see another apple).

Stormsinger said:

Frankly, I've had to tune them all out in self-defense, or I'd be switching my lifestyle on a yearly basis to go along with the latest fad.

bareboards2 says...

Thanks for the report!

I have been cringing right and left on my end, per usual. Not in conversation, but watching television. Even CraigyFerg has been letting me down lately -- usually he is good for "woman" not "girl."

Ah well. The world still spins.

Stormsinger said:

Hey, I wanted to report on our little experiment. After what, about 4 weeks, I still have almost no incidents outside of comedy routines where the words came up. There couldn't have been more then 4 or 5 examples, and two of those used the both variations of both words in the same conversation, so changing them made little difference.

Not much to report, but it may well explain why I think the issue just isn't a big one. My life is not very close to average, so I understand that others may have different results or views.

Was an interesting concept though. Thanks for the stretch.

bareboards2 says...

I don't know what that means [edit -- wall of text thingy]. The Sift is the only place I have ever hung out and commented.

It isn't often that someone has such ... discharge.... maybe we don't really need it here? Even though I don't know what it means?

In reply to this comment by Stormsinger:
>> ^bareboards2:

Oh gawd. What a fricking long post. Sorry.

We need comment tags like wall-of-text, maybe? Used to have those a lot on GEnie.

bareboards2 says...

You are so cool, I can't hardly stand it.

It is weird to have antenna tuned to these four words, isn't it? If nothing else comes out of this exchange, knowing that that happened for a day or two, and that you noticed the noticing, is deeply fascinating to me.


(You know, reading an online article with the word "man" in it counts towards this experiment. A biography of Einstein would have the word "man" in it...)

In reply to this comment by Stormsinger:
>> ^bareboards2:

Storm, you said you would be willing to do this experiment ... have you noticed any word situations like this yet? Gorilla, you never answered my question, so I am taking it that you are declining the experiment?

Have yet to run into any use of any of those words, other than your post... It's rather what I figured would happen. We'll see if it happens over the next day or two.

FWIW, I'm definitely primed to notice any of the four now though, which is a rather odd feeling in and of itself. :

siftbot says...

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oritteropo says...

Maybe 20+ years experience of search engines helps? Or perhaps it's 20+ years experience of goofing off looking for things like this instead of the research I was supposed to be doing... I remember using Archie when I was at University, and later being impressed that Alta Vista had a whopping 6GB of RAM for speedy web searches

There are possibly one or two vids in my pqueue that may interest you, given the style of music we were discussing.
In reply to this comment by Stormsinger:
Damn dude! I used to think I knew how to search the net. Nice work, and I thank you for the info.

These were submitted in the hope of finding just such info, more than any hope they'd get sifted. So I owe you one now. LOL

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