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The man who destroyed all of us wicked atheists with a banana (except exactly the opposite, showing an excellent example of artificial genetic selection) joins Matt for a lively interview on Austin's "Atheist... continue reading

posted by Sketch 7 years 5 months 3 weeks ago • 5,128 views • 58:33

Richard Dawkins and a team demonstrate how the laryngeal nerve in mammals is evidence for the lack of an intelligent designer and how it's inefficient "design" has manifested from natural selection. ... continue reading

posted by Sketch 8 years 3 months ago • 3,311 views

Now that the Draw Muhammad stuff is past, Thunderf00t gets back to doing what he does best - Making fun of people who believe moronic crap! Number 33 takes on Conservapedia and recently suspended (DMCA'd?)... continue reading

posted by Sketch 8 years 3 months 1 week ago • 1,231 views

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