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Well, this is new. (Blog Post)

So, I recently posted a video about The Horsemen, an aerobatics group, because they're making an appearance at an airshow I'll be attending.. (And because I made a promise, and it's long overdue, I'll be taking and posting pics of me in a Videosift t-shirt.)


Here's the kicker.


I got an email from someone, who called me by name, actually, i'll just post it.

 Hello Scott,

Thanks so much for sharing our James Horner Scores The Horsemen video with the Videosift community.  I wanted to let you know that we're also releasing several other exclusive videos such as honor the Blues - (link removed)

We also have an exclusive package digital download for the James Horner set at (Link Removed)

Thanks again, and happy viewing!

Let us know if you need anything!



 So.. yeah. Not too sure what to make of the fact that I got tracked down and thanked for posting their video, Guess any publicity is good publicity, especially free publicity.

Walk Completed (Blog Post)

Well, the walk for heart was today, despite it being less then 8 degrees out and raining.


However, as promised I do have (a) picture from the walk, and will get a second one that better shows off the t-shirt, and upload them later.


As for right now, I'm gonna go nap and try to thaw out.

Getting off my ass (Blog Post)

Well, for the first time in 5 years I've decided to do something that actually matters, and will be getting off my ass to walk 5 km for the Heart and Stroke foundation.

 The challenge will suck, because In the past few years I doubt i've walked any more then 2 km straight at any given point in time, but at least this is for a good reason.

 "Well, why would he be posting something so trivial on videosift?" you may ask. Well, the reason is simple, Donations! If I can muster up any donations from this site, however small, I'll provide a picture of myself at the start and finish of the entire walk in my videosift * banned the youtube star t-shirt.

 I'm unsure how to embed things here as the embed button isn't working, so a link to the donations page will be at the bottom of this post.

 The walk is on May 5.



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