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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Trailer Remix

I did a thing, here's what I said on Youtube about it:

So apparently the Battlefield 1 trailer is Youtube's most liked trailer, and the Infinite Warfare trailer is its most disliked. That seems harsh -- the Infinite Warfare trailer is too long, and the song choice doesn't particularly work, but the game itself doesn't look that bad.

Anyway, I figured I'd combine the unmodified audio and the cutting style of the Battlefield trailer with footage from the Infinite Warfare trailer and see what happened. This is what happened.

RIP Joystiq :(

The rumours that Joystiq is shutting down are now official, which makes me incredibly sad. That was my go-to videogame news site (not to mention a favourite podcast of mine), so now I'm wondering what my main source of gaming news is going to be. There are a few sites I visit semi-regularly (Destructoid, Polygon, Shacknews, etc.), but none quite scratch that same itch.

What's everyone's favourite gaming news site?

(And no, this probably doesn't belong on the main sift talk page, but this place is a ghost town anyway, so... Plus, I know a lot of us are gamers, so, somewhat relevant, right?)

All the thumbnails are squashed arrrgh

Okay maybe "arrrgh" is too strong, but all the thumbnails here are perfect squares, and on Youtube (and other places I imagine) they're 4:3 or something slightly wider. So they all wind up squashed in the thumbnails on videosift. It's very subtle, but I still notice it and die a little bit inside every single time I see it. Keep in mind I'm the guy who adjusts the settings on random people's TVs so that they have black bars on the side rather than stretching out old 4:3 images, so I'm a bit of a nut when it comes to keeping things unstretched/unsquashed.

Should we allow Youtube links?

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A total of 22 votes have been cast on this poll.

So, those in-video Youtube links / annotations (like the ones seen at the end of this video)... is Videosift right to keep them disabled, or should it be reconsidered? I know those things were disabled pretty early on because they can be a bit spammy and annoying, but we're also losing out on some functionality by not having them. I think they have evolved a bit since they were first implemented, and can be useful when used right. I know I occasionally wish I could click one of the links at the end of a video. Is it just me?

Anyway, obviously this poll has no real authority to change anything, but I'd be curious to see what people think.

The Best and Worst Movies of 2011

As I've done a few times before, here are the lists of my favourite and least favourite films that I saw in 2011. As always, please chime in with your best / worst movies of the year in the comments.


10) The Innkeepers - After the superlative House of the Devil, Ti West proves that he's one of the most interesting filmmakers working in the horror genre right now.

9) Cafe de Flore - Featuring an intriguingly fractured narrative that spans decades and weaves together two seemingly unrelated stories, and some of the best use of music I've seen in quite a while, this is definitely a movie that sticks with you.

8 ) The Artist - Though it sounds gimmicky on paper, this is a surprisingly delightful film, thanks in large part to the two charismatic leads (and the most adorable movie dog ever, pretty much).

7) The Tree of Life - This is definitely a love it or hate it type of film, with no narrative to speak of, and an extremely deliberate pace. It's also the most beautiful film to come out this year, and enchantingly hypnotic.

6) Hanna - With Joe Wright's stylish direction and The Chemical Brothers' propulsive score, this is definitely a film that takes a seemingly routine premise and turns it into something special.

5) Super 8 - Though film pays extensive homage to '80s cinema like E.T., it's definitely its own thing -- an exciting, fun, well made big summer popcorn movie (an increasing rarity, these days).

4) A Separation - A fascinating, downright riveting film about the aftermath of an altercation gone seriously wrong.

3) Drive - An awesomely stylish, badass movie that recalls the crime movies of the '70s, and that features one of the most memorable performances of the year from Albert Brooks.

2) The Descendants - Another low-key masterpiece from Alexander Payne.

1) Attack the Block - Seriously, if you haven't seen this, watch it now. So much fun.


10) Cowboys and Aliens - There are probably movies more technically deserving of this spot, but I had to include this movie for taking such an awesome premise and turning it into something so disappointingly dull and lifeless.

9) In Time - Though I'm a big fan of Andrew Niccol, and I like Justin Timberlake as an actor, this movie took an intriguing premise and turned it into a complete mess of groan-inducing time puns and heavy-handed social commentary.

8 ) Sleeping Beauty - This almost plays like a parody of a pretentious art-house film.

7) The Change-Up - An unfunny, overlong bore. And I actually LIKE body-switching comedies!

6) Battle: Los Angeles - Features a surfeit of uninspired shaky-cam action and a group of generic soldiers who couldn't be more boring.

5) Bad Teacher - Meh. The biggest problem here is that Cameron Diaz's character is a boringly one-note jerk who is a completely misguided main character for a movie.

4) Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides - A completely lifeless film that's just a chore to sit through.

3) Transformers: Dark of the Moon - Features some impressive action and special effects, but it's hard to care when the movie itself is so horrible.

2) Larry Crowne - Why, Tom Hanks, why? I'm a big fan of Hanks, but here he's surrounded by an overstuffed cast of unreasonably quirky characters, and has absolutely zero chemistry with Julia Roberts in what is ostensibly a romantic comedy.

1) Ong Bak 3 - I'm not even sure if this counts as a real movie, but it came out this year so I'm including it. A haphazard, incomprehensible mess of a film. Even the action, which should have been the saving grace of this movie, was completely mediocre. I would say that this is the last nail in the coffin for Tony Jaa's once-promising career, but apparently he's making a movie with Sammo Hung, so there's hope for him yet.

Anyone wanna start a Videosift The Old Republic guild?

So The Old Republic is pretty much out now (it's available for people who pre-ordered). Anyone interested in starting a Videosift guild? I know I tried this before (with pretty much zero interest) for WoW, but I figured I might have more luck with an MMO that's just come out rather than one that's been out for several years.

Anyway, I've started a Republic character on the server "Giradda the Hutt" if anyone actually thinks this is a good idea. And if anyone has any strenuous objections to the server or the faction, I'm open to discussion.

On the intstabanning of CelebrateApathy

So I just noticed that rottenseed has instabanned CelebrateApathy for this comment. Basically, for those too lazy to click, CelebrateApathy told GenjiKilpatrick to "shut the fuck up" and called him a "dumb ass" for always attacking people. Now, this probably crosses the line, but as far as personal attacks go it's fairly benign. CelebrateApathy certainly deserves a warning, but INSTABANNING? Ridiculously harsh. Especially since, looking through his comments, CelebrateApathy is clearly not a troll and has no history of personal attacks.

On a related note, why do we even have the power to instaban people?? It's a good idea in theory, I guess, to quickly get rid of spammers -- but in practice it's way too easy to abuse this feature, as we see here. If anything, maybe dag and/or lucky could assign this privilege to a few specially-chosen people, but I don't see any reason that everyone should have it.

The ten best and worst films of 2010

Well, 2010 is over, which means it's time to judge it. So here's my favourite and least favourite films of the last year (keeping in mind that I obviously haven't seen every essential film -- or every crappy one).


1. Animal Kingdom - It seems like this film is being mostly forgotten in most of the year-end round-ups, which I think is criminal. This is an astounding debut feature; it's a weighty crime movie that is a little bit slower than you'd typically expect from the genre, but which absolutely works. It's pretty mesmerizing.

2. Inception - This is an exciting, unique film that only Christopher Nolan could have made. It doesn't fare quite as well on repeat viewings as I might have hoped, but it is awesome nonetheless.

3. Enter the Void - Sprawling, hallucinatory and in-your-face bizarre, this film about life after death (shot entirely from the point of view of someone who has just died) pretty much defines love it or hate it.

4. Black Swan - Part character study, part psychological horror, all awesome.

5. Toy Story 3 - A delightful end to the Toy Story trilogy.

6. Buried - An almost ridiculously taut thriller that's all the more impressive considering that it never, ever leaves the confines of a tiny, claustrophobic coffin.

7. Frozen - Open Water on a ski lift. Like Buried, this takes a seemingly iffy premise and turns it into something special.

8. The Social Network - David Fincher's best film in ages.

9. Hereafter - I can see why some people don't like this film; it's slow even by Clint Eastwood's standards, and it's kind of uneventful (aside from the amazingly visceral first ten minutes or so) but I found there to be something oddly compelling about it.

10. Greenberg - A typically low-key indie drama, but really well made and well acted.


1. Valentine's Day - Don't even ask me why I saw this. It's like every terrible romantic comedy you've ever seen crammed into one intolerable film.

2. Killers - Ashton Kutcher is bland, Katherine Heigl is shrill, and together they have zero chemistry. Robert Luketic (the director) is a hack who shouldn't be allowed within ten feet of a camera.

3. Grown Ups - Like being forced to watch some stranger's slickly-produced home videos. Grating.

4. Cop Out - Absurdly inept in almost every regard.

5. Alice in Wonderland - Sadly, there was a time, many moons ago, where I would have considered Tim Burton one of my favourite directors. He's on autopilot here, and the film is just dull.

6. The Wolfman - Far too ponderous to succeed as a fun piece of escapism, and far too bland and generic to work on a more serious level, this is pretty much a fiasco.

7. The Karate Kid - A dull film which is basically a note-for-note remake of the original, only drained of all its '80s charm.

8. Score: A Hockey Musical - If you're not Canadian, there's a very good chance you haven't even heard of this film. I wish I hadn't heard of it. Generic, and without a single memorable song.

9. A Nightmare on Elm Street - As far as Platinum Dunes remakes goes this was probably the best of the bunch, though that's basically like trying to figure out which is the best STD.

10. The Expendables - Not outright terrible, but this deserves a spot on this list just because of how disappointing it was. This wasn't at all the fun '80s throwback it should have been. The film takes itself way too seriously, and is kind of dull. Worse, the action, with its in-your-face shaky-cam and million cuts-per-second, was pretty crappy. Plus, the violence was all very obviously CGI, which -- along with the grating Greengrass-style action -- is about as far from the spirit of the '80s as you can get.

Anyway, those are my lists. Feel free to chime in with best/worst picks in the comments.

Anyone want to start an official Videosift guild in WoW?

So I know a lot of us play World of Warcraft, and obviously we're all on different realms. But I was thinking that it might be cool to pick a realm that we can all roll new characters on (or even transfer existing characters to) and start an "official" Videosift guild. We'd have to pick the realm -- just looking at the realm selection list, I see that the first "new players" realm appears to be Drak'thul, so that could be the one unless anyone has other ideas. The only thing we'd have to decide is whether we want to be Alliance or Horde. I vote Alliance, but I'm fine either way.

Who's with me?


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