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siftbot says...

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newtboy says...

He's just trolling.
He doesn't believe the contradictory nonsense he spouts, he often doesn't read it, just reposts what other far right extremists posted without knowing what it says, which hilariously has him contradicting his own claims constantly, like today claiming there are absolutely no regulations or checks of mail in ballots after yesterday linking an article about thousands of mail in votes being disqualified when they checked the signatures, following the regulations that require checking them. Lol.
It's all about triggering the libtards for him. He doesn't care if he lies or what he's supporting as long as it supports Trump or gets a reaction....what he doesn't see is that's made him totally untrustworthy and only given people like me an opening to get the facts and contradict the bullshit the right spouts these days...without him I wouldn't know what bullshit to address.

Yes, he is totally lost, lobotomized by the Q-anon ice pick.

SFOGuy said:

Sometimes, I worry about Bob...he seems a bit lost.

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