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Should full promoting privileges be available to all non-probationary members?

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A total of 18 votes have been cast on this poll.

Just trying to move things along since Retroboy's SiftTalk "How about a little love for long-time but low-star members?"

It came up in the thread that it is a bit absurd that long-time members in good standing who don't reach silver or bronze can accrue tons of power points but can't actually use them on anything except to promote their own videos. Since most of them who stay at that level are not interested in submitting vids but are interested in participating on the site, this poll is asking whether Sifters think it would be okay if non-probies had full promote privileges (in other words, they could promote either their own or other Sifters' videos). This would allow them to spend their power points altruistically by promoting others' vids to greatness.

I can't foresee any problems with allowing it, but if you think of an issue go ahead and bring it up in the comments.

Links to channel home pages on vid submission screen

I don't know if this has been recommended before or not, but on the video submission screen could we maybe make the channel assignment names hyperlink to their home page so I can read the detailed channel description when trying to decide which channels to assign the vid to? I find that the tooltip popups are less than helpful, and it's annoying to have to manually open several different tabs when trying to decide for instance between music, rocknroll, and livemusic.
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