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Comments to Phonecium

gwiz665 says...

I think you have your "telltale idiosyncratic blathering"-detectors on too high a setting, because I don't recognize him from his comments. If you have something more concrete then fine, but I think it's a big step to take from those comments.

Here's my lecture: You should only instaban someone for "gross violations of Sift guidelines". Has this user done that? Choggie did back in the day, but if your connection from this user to choggie is so tenuous as it seems to me, then this user should not have been banned.

That's all I have to say on the matter here.

kronosposeidon says...

Gwiz, read his fucking comments. Even one of his recent comments elicited this response from calvados:


Now if you think I'm wrong, like I said, take it up with an admin. You can call in CSI and search for semen samples for all I care, but it's choggie. Furthermore, I know other people here know it's him but won't admit to it or are willing to let it slide, for whatever reasons.

And if you want choggie to return in whatever form, post a poll. Like I said, he has been banned. Dag told swampgirl ages ago to post a poll if she wanted choggie to return, so it's that simple.

Yes, this is a farce. Choggie was banned almost a year ago to the day, yet he insists on returning, with absolutely no apology in hand for his antisocial behavior that led to his banishment. So post a poll if you want, but don't lecture me.

EndAll says...

Just look at the comments gwiz. Definitely him. Not that I mind - sheeeit - I like the guy!
I wish he'd be able to stay, although I'm not caught up with the history of why he was banned in the first place..

gwiz665 says...

I think this is becoming a farce. I assume you have evidence that this is indeed choggie and not just someone else?

I would rather have him come back in a new form and allowed to stay than constant bannings, for sure.

kronosposeidon says...

Banning choggie again. The person behind the choggie account has been banned, not just the choggie account. It makes no sense to permanently ban someone if you're going to let him return with a new account. It defeats the purpose of banning. If anyone has a problem with this, take it up with an admin. Think before you hobble.

If any of you want choggie to return, then post a poll. If the membership decides to return him, then so be it. Until then he remains banned.

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