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Heard anything about Canada lately?

- Maybe about pulling out of Kyoto and stifling the Durban climate talks?
- or The Oilsands? "Not the cleanest stuff around, but hey we'd still like to run it over your aquifer and sell it to ya, eh!"
- or Building more prisons for Texas style justice, which coincidentally, Texas recently advised against.

What do you think/hear about Canada these days?

I'm curious because of this site below.

Dissapearing Bees

This site outlines the problem, and one of the possible causes of the drastic decline in bee populations world wide.

This sort of news highlighting our incompatibility with nature really scares me, I feel helpless and that humankind is in trouble so deep it cannot help itself anymore. Does anyone here think humankind will give up cell phones and wifi anytime soon?

Help ME

I know that this is videosift, and not some PC hardware forum, but it is the only real forum i am a member of. So here is my problem, my usb - mini usb cord, which i left plugged into the front of my new PC actually shocked me! not a bad shock, but equivalent or slightly more shocking then a 9v battery to the tongue, but this was my arm!

Being the fool i am, i tested again, wondering if the pins inside are fudged, but upon touching only the outermost shell of the mini usb cord to my arm, the same thing occurred.

So to all the video sift hardware wizes, is this normal, or is something seriously wrong with my new PC? I know that usb carries something like 5v, but on the outermost shell????

(asus p5q3 mobo,)
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