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Real Name: Tony V.
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newtboy says...

I don't want to remove the chance either, but I wouldn't use that one in ten million chance of success as a selling point for gun rights. Home defense is a far more reasonable need imo.

Mordhaus said:

I understand, it would be almost impossible. I just don't want to remove that chance. I respect your viewpoint though.

newtboy says...

More of a police action at this point I thought, but yeah, we didn't "win" yet, no mission accomplished, and now bounties on their heads. That said, we are in control of most areas aren't we? So the guerrilla fighters aren't winning either, they're losing territory but holding out.

None of my guns are sniper capable, my best bet at accomplishing anything would be my shotgun, and I doubt I could pump it fast enough to shoot twice, old and broken as I am, so I would be out quick too. Not what I would call a successful resistance.

I think if the military is part of a government takeover/crackdown, we don't have the slightest chance. The best we could do is identify ourselves as dissidents in need of quick execution.

But that's just like, my opinion, man. :-)

Mordhaus said:

Yet we are still at war in Afghanistan and policing other middle eastern countries. Sometimes all it takes is a few people with the will to not submit.

I know I would not live long in such a fight, I'm too old and I am disabled. But as long as we have the right to own semi automatic rifles with high capacity clips, we still can pay lip service to an armed public that can dismantle a tyrannical government. Take that away and you basically remove even the slightest chance that we as a people can challenge the government.

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