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Comments to Majortomyorke

rottenseed says...

no worries...i got "duped" into thinking it was an original too. Like I said, poor naming and tagging.

In reply to this comment by Majortomyorke:
Thanks for letting me know. I'm really doing everything I can to not sift dupes, honest

In reply to this comment by rottenseed:
yo...that girlfriend dumped is a dupe. I tried submitting it a while back too. I discarded it, sorry bro. Here is the original:
here is your version

Really, I don't blame you. The original was a horribly named and tagged video making it hard to find dupes.

kronosposeidon says...

No problem. I know it seems hard to find a video that hasn't been duped already, and it still even happens to me sometimes. However after a while, if you keep posting videos regularly, I think you'll find that you'll get better and better at avoiding dupes. Keep on trying, bro.

In reply to this comment by Majortomyorke:
Thanks for the heads up on the vid, it's been discarded. Sometimes sifting feels like trying to invent something, whatever you come up with someone else has probably beat you to it. Your best bet is to hope to be the first to come to market =)

kronosposeidon says...

No prob. I'm not a computer-person, which you could probably guess from my half-assed reply. Therefore I know how it feels when you don't quite understand what other people are talking about. Glad I could help a little.

In reply to this comment by Majortomyorke:
Thanks for the link! While I was able to infer what regional blocking was, I now have a better idea all around. I appreciate the response

kronosposeidon says...

I just read your comment. I couldn't find a great article, but this one is pretty decent. (And in case you didn't know, Jeff Hoard is Fedquip here at VideoSift.) Basically region blocking is when a video host blocks access to users based on region, usually for entire countries. Your country can be determined by your ISP address. Anyway, many hosts have started blocking viewers in some countries from viewing their videos because of BS contractual obligations with re-broadcast rights.

It's complicated, and frankly I don't even know half the story. But basically it means that some people can't view certain videos because the video host is blocking their country. That is why I told people to go to that link if they couldn't view the video because of region blocking. That software basically tricks the video hosts by making your ISP address look like it's in America. But if you live in America you really don't have much to worry about.

Hope that helps a little.

In reply to this comment by Majortomyorke:
Sorry for being off topic, but I'm ashamed to admit I've not heard of "region blocking" internet content. Can someone kindly PM or link a decent source of information concerning it.

jonny says...

I use bookmarks to flag vids for watching later, and I don't vote before watching (been burned a couple times on that). But if it doesn't make it out, and I do like it, you can be sure I'll save it.

In reply to this comment by Majortomyorke:
I see you bookmarked the video I just submitted on Epigentics, as this would make for my 10th video if it makes it, please consider upvoting it =)

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