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Yes, Pecan!

This article about Obama's culinary tastes is hilarious.

"This month, Ben & Jerry's renamed its pints of butter pecan ice cream to the more timely "Yes Pecan," donating funds to an educational organization."
"Early last year, when the Obamas said pizza from Italian Fiesta Pizzeria in Chicago was their favourite, co-owner Patti Harris-Tubbs says people called her up to say, "I'll have whatever Obama likes." But Ms. Harris-Tubbs isn't sure which pie that is."

It goes on to talk about how to celebrate his inaugration with food, which sounded sort of odd.


I presume that within the next few minutes YT will be getting its first rips from the Mapple episode.

That was Simpsonic gold. A shiny promote will be awarded to the video of your choice to the first sifter who sifts up Lisa asking you to think differently.

How many TF2 screenshots do you have?

If you've been saving screengrabs from Team Fortress 2 but haven't checked them out, go and look now.

"...\Steam\SteamApps\[username]\team fortress 2\tf\screenshots" should be the directory.

I just realized I had over 300 shots, and with my 1900x1200 rez gaming, that amounted to over 2 gigs of grabs.


Open call for playlist joiners: the 9-vote PQUEUED vids

If you haven't seen it, check out the PQUEUED-with-9-Votes playlist.

It's a crazy experiment which has lasted longer than I would have expected. And with the advent of group playlists, I realized I can make it much more useful.

This is a call for anyone who would like to help with this high-maintenance list.

I know you can accomplish the same thing by just running the following query - all pqueued vids with at least 8 and no more than 9 votes - but this has the added bonus of giving those vids you see worthy of making it out of queue escape the little push they need without firing off an entire promote on them. I just ran the search and saw about 660 vids with that status so this playlist does have its way of 'adding value'.

The advanced search term I have above would make it easy for me to quickly add a mess of vids (assuming you'll upvote many of those vids yourself, adding a vid with 9 votes is a waste of time, unless you don't have time to watch it...).

Send me a message or comment here if you're interested in joining the list.

Is it Björk Weekend at the Sift?

Iceland's finest has nothing but videos for us - 4 recently published list above. Am I alone in finding this amusing or at least odd that she's dominating FemmeSift at the moment?

TF2 Stats are up! And other gaming discussions

Check out Rock, Paper, Shotgun's discussion of the TF2 stats.

A good summary of what you can see for yourself here. Or click here to see the stats for who has completed how many achievements. The "friends like these" one is, not surprisingly, the hardest to grab.

The death maps are pretty cool - I wonder if studying them will help people survive?

I'll share 2 other RPS links just because they amused me - first, it's proven that Peggle is more addictive than crack. Second, one of the Dec 9 comment on Bookworm Adventures in-game dictionary was chuckle worthy.

Videosift Meetup No. Five: London, UK!

Before dag can get away with his plan to have a meetup in San Francisco, I have to go ahead and post a pic from Meetup number five, the first in Europe. Or just off the coast of Europe, depending on how you feel about the United Kingdom's relationship to the Continent.

As with Siftup number 4, five of us managed to get together. Securedesk and I met up with michie, gwaan and aidos in a fit of last-minute "hey wouldn't it be cool if met-up-ness" aided by the cell phone lent to me before flying over.

Sift Up in London

Okay, so tomorrow morning I land in London. Any Sifters that want to meet up, drop me a line by email. My address is in my profile.

But seeing as how I do not have regular net access, best person to contact is Michie to figure out where we will be meeting. Somewhere downtown where beer is available is the most likely location.

Also, I must announce to all that coding HTML on a German keyboard is painful.

"Will I be banned for sifting up my own content?" - Yes

I received an e-mail from some folks who are apparently upset for having their account banned for self-posting.

They posed the following question

"Are you saying if somebody shot a funny clip of themselves singing or dancing, and put it on VideoSift themselves, it would be deleted & their account terminated as well?"

Just so we're absolutely clear, the answer is yes. This is being posted on Sift Talk so there's a record of this for all to see.

To be fair, I will also respond to the following point they raised.

"This seem contrary to the intent of sites like VideoSift."

It goes on to complain about the posting of clips from major commercial productions, etc.

To be clear, please understand that Videosift loves homemade content. The current #1 all-time video is still homemade. The top three are all user-made. The vast majority of the top videos are made by ordinary folks.

Then why was the clubhousegang account banned? Because they didn't follow the very simple rules on the Sift: the First Commandment of Sifting is you can't sift up your own content.

If you're really proud of it, talk to some of the other Sifters and

Ironically, this policy is in place to prevent the site from being overrun with clips fired in by corporations practicing viral marketing.

The rule is tough but fair - the reminders to read our posting guidelines are spelled out in bold red letters - "Please do not submit self-promotion of any kind.
Please read the posting guidelines before posting for the first time. Violation of these guidelines may result in a permanent ban."

I don't think we can get any clearer than that.

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