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Emily talks about Help I'm Alive, the new single from their new album Fantasies - with a 'behind the scenes' interview with bits from the new single, taking about travelling to Buenos Aires to get herself... continue reading

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Or as RPS calls it, "Spotty Men Playing With Swords" If you played Shogun: Total War or either of the Medieval:TW games, you already know how incredible this looks. To those of you just joining us,... continue reading

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Clarifying what "self-link" means

After a recent flurry of posts either sent to the Siftoff or simply discarded, and the comments that I've read from the submitters of those videos, I realized something.

Despite sounding obvious to old-timers - those people who seem to stay up all night sifting, months on end - many new users don't understand what the term "self-link" means.

So I'm going to clarify that right now.

A self-link is any video that where:

1. you posted it to Google Video, You Tube, or any one of our other hosts,

2. you were operating the video camera,

3. you were involved in editing/compiling the footage,

4. you acted or performed in the video,

5. anything else happened which, in spirit, means that you're the creator of the content.

In a nutshell, "to self-link" means to post a video which is in some way 'yours'.

And "You" refers to both yourself and the person you share your videosift account with, in the case of couples or groups who sift together. Yes, I know of at least two such accounts.

I hope this clears things up - this'll probably end up migrating to the official posting guidelines document, but until then you can refer to this posting and treat it as a fair interpretation of Videosift rules.

I think that covers everything but if I missed anything I'm sure another wonderful Sifter will share points of clarification in the comments linked to this post. And as always, you're also welcome to ask questions if you need to clarify anything

As a an additional reminder, this is directed mainly at new visitors strolling in, you are also not allowed to create multiple accounts - only one account per person is allowed. This rule is strictly enforced for what I hope are obvious reasons.
<h4>Why have this rule in the first place?</h4>
In case you're wondering why we have these rules, they're to avoid self-promotion. If someone else likes your vid, then they post it. It's like a "first round" of sifting before we even get to the actual voting process.

By posting your own content, you're essentially skipping that step, since it stands to reason that you'll enjoy your own creation. It's also a control against deliberate viral marketing or astroturfing, which the community generally does not support.

Finally, don't forget that the Siftoff is running and you're more than welcome to enter your submission there.

Thanks for coming to videosift and enjoy your stay. As per the posting guidelines, if the Siftoff is not running, contact the admins and let them know about your video.

Comment writing philosophy

After the huge success surrounding the downvote philosophy conversation, I'd like to raise another topic that, ironically enough, hasn't seem to have generated much of a pure discussion or analysis: comments themselves.

When do you feel compelled to write a comment? Whenever a video amuses you? Angers you? As a tactic to increase traffic to a video in the hopes of increasing its votes? Or to just give credit for the source of the video?

Or do you write in response to someone's rants? Along with many others, I've been a big proponent of encouraging people to keep their debate at the Sift civil; through a combination of cool heads and mutual respect, as well as the generally high intelligence of the user community here, VS has been remarkably successful in that regard, despite our penchant for heated debates about politics, religion, and other fun "not for the polite dinner table" issues. The level of discourse in an average comment thread here is like night and day compared to some of the inane chatter you get on the videos' original posting pages.

I've pushed my own views on this topic long enough - I'd like to know what other Sifters think: do you ever step back and think about the point of your comments and what their relationship is to the rest of your activity on the site? Are there any rules of thumb that you follow in your own postings?

Downvote Philosophy

As of right now, it's been exactly 31 days since VS kicked in downvotes, and you can read the original blog announcement about the feature here.

I've found, personally, that this topic is starting to generate a bit of tension and quite a bit of interest among many sifters, so this is my moment to climb on the soapbox and encourage some discussion about this topic. I've started off a really lengthy comment on downvote philosophy on this video's comment section (4th comment).

I encourage you to check that out share your thoughts.
One reason to encourage conversation, in my mind, is to make sure community consensus doesn't fracture into vicious sniping over what should, really, be an innocuous topic.

Bartek is a Polish Canadian who has created a trippy but awesome video promoting the fantastic nature of beef brisket which will "improve the quality of your life." Here he tricks a vegan into coming... continue reading

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