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Captain Upvote, all-around mischief-maker and slowest user to ever contribute something of worth to the Sift.

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siftbot says...

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chicchorea says...

I'm well for being sick since night...happier than I have the right to be though.

Synchronicity was coined by CG Jung in 1923 while penning the Foreward of a book. It basically means meaningful coincidence. Acausal based reality stuff....

I miss the Sift as well. I pop through to vote for as much as I can and find the odd deviation(s). Your mention of the Police may have sparked free association in that I, while reading your reply, considered myself more of a traffic cop here these days.

I do relish the comparison to your venerable self. I must admit, however, variance with your comparison as being simultaneously too flattering of me and certainly too self deprecating of you.

I am glad to hear life is treating you well and, therefore, you life. And that your flare for imagery is still strong.
In reply to this comment by Kevlar:
Hey there! I've heard the term synchronicity before (even outside of The Police's Greatest Hits) but I figured I should check the Wikipedia entry just to do something seemingly enlightened today. I then managed only to read as far as a distracting graph that read 'indestructible energy' at the top, so yes, I am synchronously indestructible and I thank you for the compliment.

I'm good! Busy as heck and missing the sift, but loving life. Old man moment: You remind me of myself, commenting about 'walking out of here' as though the Sift is a physical place, with you its custodian and Keeper of Awesome, clocking out nightly when the weariness overtakes the desire for dupes and bans. I then looked at your Super Duper rank - 82 - and for me to say 'you remind me of myself' is probably akin to a worm complimenting the eagle who is busy squeezing it between its talons.

Anyway, how are you?

chicchorea says...

Are you familiar with the term synchronicity?

Last night I came across something of yours and it occurred to me it had been a while and to rectify that. A little while later having shut down for the night I was walking out of here thinking about your comment which I still consider the funniest I have ever encountered here.

Six hours later I find.... How are you sir?

BTW, I searched and found that quote in the fire tornado video comment stream and read it to all here to much laughter.

And, thank you sir.
In reply to this comment by Kevlar:
Mighty fine work keeping the Sift clean, Sheriff.

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