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UsesProzac Gets RUBY!

Attention Siftlandia!

Rubydom has been achieved by none other than our dear @UsesProzac. Yeaaaah... that's right peeps. She is also now the official *Cute Channel moderator. We're like, Channel sisters now!

She is a sophisticated music conoisseur, and enjoys discovering and submitting a lot of quality music herself. I have had the personal pleasure of talking to her and getting to know her on the Sift over the years, as others have, and have a lot of respect and admiration for her and her wicked sense of humor and raw honesty, but with a lot of heart beneath it all.

Let us all congratulate her for this milestone. Enjoy! It IS the prettiest gem!

UP's name is Laura, so here's some pretty music to serenade your milestone. <3 <3 <3 You are a gem! (Also mainly because the songs I found titled "Ruby" were downright crappy!)


CtrlAltBleach to the Sky with Diamond!!!

CONGRATS to our own @ctrlaltbleach
who has just achieved Diamond status! He's quite the Sifter, a fellow RADIOHEAD fan, the owner of the *FRENCH channel, Lounge bud extraordinaire and all around great guy.

We're gonna party like it's Midnight in Paris!

Let's give him a big HOORAH with many FISTBUMPS and 'SPLOSIONS!


Way To GO @ctrlaltbleach, you pillar of SIFT.

Oritteropo is GOLD!!!!!! ANT has the biggest pqueue!!!!

Hey Sifters...

@oritteropo and I and others were chatting in the lounge today, and we are doing a push for him to get to GOLD before he attends the Downunder Sift Up. EDIT: @oritteropo is GOOOOLD as of now!!!!

Anyhow, in the process of chatting, we were talking about the sizes of some Sifters' pqueues... and that led me to remember that @ant had a rather large one that I recalled, being several hundred or so. Well, we went and took a look at his page to verify this, and HOLEY MOLEY WTF JEEBUSES...

... he has over 2500 vids in the pqueueueueueueueue. I just thought this deserved something, so Congrats @ant on the largest pqueue in Siftlandia!!!

Site Glitchies?

I had tried stylizing my profile many times, and I was convinced that I was doing something wrong because it would never take even though I had saved it countless times. Well, finally my color changes took effect, but now it is "stuck" there and I do not have the option of changing my colors again, it seems. When hover my mouse pointer over the "stylize" hyperlink, it says "javascript void" or something. Eh? Also, I seem to have comment loading issues. The link that says "load more comments" seems to have disappeared, and also half the comment boxes are all of a sudden in very pale pastels with light grey letters that I can barely read comments, and I feel that it must have been something that I've done. Anyone else having these issues besides moi? Grrrrrr. Thank you, Siftizens.

Sorry Kronos and Blanky ... DFT is off the market!

Hello Happy Sifters!

Happy Channel owner Issykitty here, and my dearest then-fiance dystopianfuturetoday and I had been away on vacation for some weeks in the good ol' state of Montana, USA.

Last night we made it to the state of Nevada...

and earlier today we made a few stops in the city of Las Vegas to obtain a marriage license and then went on to have a civil ceremony that took place at about 2:30 pm (Pacific Time). What I'm trying to say is that I am now legally and officially MRS. DFT as of today, and we are very overjoyed and elated to share the news with all of you!!!

Condolences to Kronos and Blanky.

Now, congratulate us!!!

Snowman Bleeds One-hundred+ STARS!!!!!

Listen up folks and folkettes...

Sometime a week ago while I've been outta my internet access zone on the road from California to Montana, our very own good Sifter and comrade Bleedingsnowman had hit the big ONE HUNDYYYYY! WHOO HOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Let's not forget
to congratulate him for his very worthy contributions and interesting music choices. Here are some of my favs...

Gotta love TMBG...

A memorable scene from a great film, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas...

This was one of his earliest submissions...

This one requires no explanation. It's Classic, ya know!

A huge CONGRATULATIONS to you, our Siftin' friend Bleedingsnowman!!!! Sorry we wuz LATE!!!

BLANKFIST (Mr.Stanley Kubrick-Bean) gets his 250 DIAMOND!!!!

Technically, as of this moment he is only 1 point away, but it'll be any moment now before we finally have an *ASSGRAVY CHANNEL! Sorry Choggie.

Serious Kudos from all of us for your contributions. Let's all show him some love and pay a visit to his coolio profile page and check out
Blanky's QUEUE and PQ and make it an UPVOTE DAY!!!

Don't forget the many great videos in his library of PUBLISHED vids, yo!


CONGRATULATIONS to you, Blanky!!!!!

The "biologically unfunny" CRITTTTER & GWIZ are SILVER!!!


Oh Happy Siftdom! Our very own cuties CRITTTTER , who I noticed had just recently become a charter member, AND GWIZ have now attained SILVER STARS! That's right, comrades!

CRITTTTER's a Sifter of impeccable taste, especially in things of a creative vintage/music nature. How can you resist that adorable Squink! If you have the urge to * promote here is
critttter's QUEUEUEUEUE! and
critttter's SIFTED LIBRARY!

EDIT: Here are links to GWIZ's submissions. Please promote! There are quite a few gems in der!
gwiz's QUEUE!!!
gwiz's PQUEUED!!!

CONGRATULATE our furriends critttter AND gwiz, or face the WRATH OF ISSYKITTY...

BLANKFIST makes ONE HUNDRED!!!! Booyah!!!

So, somehow sometime while I managed to get really sick and out of it during this weekend, our fine Siftin' friend blankfist reached his 100th star! HOORAH!!! Let's all give up a well deserved congrats to him, and what a great way to start off the new year. Yay!

Let's all commit some upvote action on his sifted viddy's and his queue, including the funny video that I just *saved of his ...

A belated Happy New Year and 100th Star Benchmark, blankfist! Sorry this is late.
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