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qruel says...

If you are refering to Romney, then yes, unfortunately people believe his inaccurate, illogical speeches, which is why some of us are posting the other side of the issues. unfortunately the "mormons" in the thread have derailed the thread and are focusing on whether or not christians think mormons are christians and not address the inaccuracies in Romneys speech

If you are refering to me then yes, people really buy this ! :-)

In reply to this comment by ImaMonster:
This guy is so full of crap! Do people really buy this??

8536 says...

Hi, really liked your information video, a great concept.... thanks for that.. I've just put up my first post.. called... The Spirits I have called.. after watching your information vid, thought you might like it, as it's kind of experimental.. really like your icon..where is it from...

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