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Comments to Ickster

bareboards2 says...

Women are conditioned to hide. So this is a physical as well as emotional "disrobing." At least, that is how I interpreted it.

There are other women who have exposed their differences fully as they answered questions. Those vids follow the same format.

One of those murky, psychological things that either strike a chord with you or don't. I think.

This struck a chord with me.

Ickster said:

I thought what she had to say was interesting, and I would've been fine with just her sitting on the stool talking. I'm not 100% sure I understand the point of the disrobing--I mean, I get it from a metaphorical standpoint, but from an actual point of view, it doesn't seem to accomplish much.

Stormsinger says...

I saw your post...it's what finally put me over the edge with these two. I hit that point with QM several years ago, before he got tired of the place, and I've been running close to doing the same with lantern and bob. They're just proving too obnoxious to be worthwhile anymore.

Ickster said:

Just yesterday in a different thread I asked people to ignore the trolls, but had no luck. Maybe if we can get enough people repeating this . . .

oritteropo says...

These days videos automatically get the brief tag when they are given a length <61 seconds, or the long tag if they are given a length >599 seconds... so although the bot won't let you mark those tags, they're pretty much obsolete these days anyway, and it will let you assign a length with *length= for other people's vids or edit video for your own.

Ickster said:


siftbot says...

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