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How do you feel about the current promote system?

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A total of 26 votes have been cast on this poll.

Now that the new promote system has had some time to settle in, how do we now feel about it?

Thoughts? Opinions? Suggestions?

Disney buy Lucasfilm for $4.05bn. Star Wars Ep. 7 for 2015


Star Wars: Episode 7 confirmed for 2015. With episodes 8 and 9 after that, and long term, a new Star Wars film every 2-3 years.

Kathleen Kennedy, current Co-Chairman of Lucasfilm, will become the President of Lucasfilm. George Lucas will become a Creative Consultant.

So, who saw that coming?

Transferring Power Points to another user

This could be a possible VideoSift 5.0 feature, but it would be really good to be able to transfer Power Points to other users. It could open up a nice range of things, such as:

  • People offering Power Points as prizes in sift talk competitions.
  • Offering a Power Point or two as a reward for helping them find a video.
  • Because you just want to give someone a present.
  • You are allergic to Power Points.

    What say you all? Good idea?

  • notarobot is notagold.... he's gone all ruby on us!

    @notarobot has left the world of the star rankings and joined the ranks of the crystallized, shiny gem members. I can't say that I know @notarobot much, but they say a picture speaks a thousand words. So here is a relevant one:

    Go and check out his pqueue here: http://videosift.com/member/notarobot/pqueued

    Congratulations @notarobot, and thanks for all the cool sifts!

    Embed an infringing video.... go to jail!

    Saw this on slashdot today. Bit worrying.

    "A few weeks ago, Slashdot had a post about the new bill in Congress to make streaming infringing videos a felony, punishable by up to 5 years in jail if just 10 people watch the video. As more details come out, the bill keeps looking worse and worse, as it appears that the definitions used in the bill would mean that merely embedding or linking to an infringing YouTube video could put you on the hook for jail time. Obviously, supporters of the bill insist that's not who will be targeted with this bill, but just the fact that they could be should be worrisome enough. We've seen other laws "misused" in the past."



    Playstation Network Hacked - User info stolen

    For those that own PS3's and haven't been reading the news. Sony's PlayStation Network and Qriocity services were hacked about a week ago. It's taken a while for Sony to investigate and come clean, but yesterday they dropped the bombshell...

    Hackers have obtained the following information about every user:

  • Name
  • Address (city, state/province, zip or postal code)
  • Country
  • E-mail address
  • Date of birth
  • PlayStation Network/Qriocity passwords and login
  • Handle/PSN online ID

  • Credit Card Information - Sony say there is no evidence this was taken so far, but they can't rule it out yet.

    The PSN service is still down, and when it does come back up you are advised to change your password. You are also advised to change the password on other websites if you used the same password across multiple sites. Also, be vary wary of phishing scams/emails that have a lot of information about you in them already, but are asking for more. Anyway, you know the drill...

    Total PR disaster for Sony this. Both in the way they handled it (keeping users in the dark for a week), and the amount of information taken.

    BBC News report

    Full Sony Statement - on BBC News

  • Charlie Sheen fired from "Two and a Half Men"

    "After careful consideration, Warner Bros Television has terminated Charlie Sheen's services on 'Two and a Half Men' effective immediately," Warner Bros said in a statement."

    Inevitable really. I wonder how he'll take the news. I'm sure we'll find out in a rant to the media soon enough.

    Modifying thumbnails - a couple of suggestions

    I do like adding custom thumbnails to my own posts in order to make them look more appealing on the queue, or hiding the punchline of a comedy visual gag if that becomes the automatically generated thumb. I also occasionally fix up missing thumbs from other people's videos. Two things have become apparent:

    ... more inside ...

    Publicize member rank increases?

    Recently I hit the big diamond, and @thegrimsleeper got his ruby, and I know there's been the tradition of sift talk posts now and then to celebrate such achievements they can easily go missed.

    So I was thinking they should be publicised on the front page for say 48 hours. Something along the lines of...

    If there's more than one member ranking up at any one time, they should be ordered from highest rank to lowest (as it is in the mockup).

    Alternatively, what about @siftbot mentioning the ranking increases in it's weekly achievements blog post? Though the front page would obviously be nicer

    What do people think?

    Maybe it's time I created a channel...

    I've had the ability to create a channel for a while now, but haven't really put much thought into it until recently.

    Current thinkings....

    *arabia - For all things Middle East. (I grew up in the UAE you see, so have a personal interest in the Arabian Gulf).

    *technology (or *tech) - Technological innovations. However this may end up being quite a broad channel with all sorts of videos being added - computer technology, engineering technology, car engine technology etc etc. Maybe it's okay to be nice and broad?

    What do people think?

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