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Live Leak Embeds No Longer Working?

I tried I hope this hasn't been covered already. It seems "old embed" codes from Live Leak don't work here anymore and neither do their new iframe embeds. Being that they are a "blessed" host I am wondering if their is a way around this that I just haven't figured out yet.

Need someone to dupe a video...

Request so far has been ignored.

is a dupeof

Except for 30 seconds this entire video is contained in the original. The 30 seconds of additional content (2:04 - 2:33) is of another reporter asking a completely unrelated question that has nothing to do with the fight/argument Romney was having with the first reporter.

Duplicate Ruling

Seems more appropriate to discuss in it's own thread instead of breaking up an ongoing political discussion.

Here's the situation...3 days and 2.5 hours ago mintbbb posted this 8.5 minute interview with Bush.

About 4.5 hours later I posted a 1.3 minute clip from the middle of that interview that was a focus on a single important topic for discussion.

I was unaware of the other video until mintbbb posted a link to the "full interview here" as the second comment on my video 10 hours before either video was even sifted. Because she did not call dupe I assumed it was cool with her to let both videos stand on their own.

If we go strictly by what it says in the FAQ then mine is a dupe. But the way the FAQ is written "A duplicate video is one which contains content already on VideoSift in a published, queued, personal queued, or dead video submission." This allows for my shorter video to be posted first and mintbbb's longer video to be posted 2nd and it would not count as a dupe because it contains significant content that is not in my shorter video. Thus both videos stay.

It seems to me if the longer video has a significant amount of content to deem it as not a dupe of the shorter that the reverse should be true.

msnbc embed not valid?

NE1 now why an msnbc embed would not be valid here?

<div><iframe height="339" width="425" src="" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe><style type="text/css">.msnbcLinks {font-size:11px; font-family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; color: #999; margin-top: 5px; background: transparent; text-align: center; width: 425px;} .msnbcLinks a {text-decoration:none !important; border-bottom: 1px dotted #999 !important; font-weight:normal !important; height: 13px;} .msnbcLinks a:link, .msnbcLinks a:visited {color: #5799db !important;} .msnbcLinks a:hover, .msnbcLinks a:active {color:#CC0000 !important;} </style><p class="msnbcLinks">Visit for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy


Why do we even have a down vote?

With the issues lately with down vote abuse can someone tell me why giving members the power to nullify another members vote is a good thing in the first place?

I mean if you don't like a video just don't vote for it.

100 Vote Videos

I'm always happy to see one of my submitted videos make the Top 15 and even better if it takes the top spot. But when I get one that cracks 100 votes or more it feels like that video has accomplished something that only a few videos a week can do.

At first I was thinking that it would be nice if we got an extra point for submitting a video that breaks 100 votes...which would mean having a line in our stats showing how many points came from breaking 100. That got me thinking that I'd actually be happy with just the stat in our profiles showing how many videos got 100 or more votes.

Republican YouTube Debate

Of the 4-5 Republican debates I have seen this year this one was the worst. The whole "YouTube" gimmick is just that...a gimmick. CNN wants to represent it as these are the "questions" the people want you to answer. But if CNN gets to pick and choose which questions are asked how is that any different then CNN just asking the question themselves?

Also there was some douche bag in the back of the auditorium that kept booing loudly when certain candidates were talking. Why he was allowed to stay the whole time makes no sense to sounded like I was watching the Jerry Springer Show.

As usual certain candidates got more airtime then others. Here is the breakdown...see if you can guess who CNN favors most.

Final speaking times

Giuliani -- 16:38, during 20 times
Romney -- 13:18, during 19 times
Thompson -- 12:16, during 12 times
McCain -- 11:00, during 12 times
Huckabee -- 10:00, during 11 times
Paul -- 7:43, during 9 times
Hunter -- 5:06, during 7 times
Tancredo -- 3:49, during 7 times

Email me when this sift has new comments

The way it is now if you want to get email notification of new comments on sifts we did not post we have to remember to "bookmark" them. Something BTW that wasn't obvious to me and so I did not know how to take advantage of this feature for a long time.

Wouldn't it be great if next to the "Submit New Comment" button there was a checkbox that said "Bookmark (Email me when this sift has new comments)"? Checking it would bookmark it and unchecking it would unbookmark it.

Remember, Remember, The 5th of November - Ron Paul

There seem to be a few other Ron Paul supporters on this site. In case you were not aware this November the 5th is a BIG day for Ron Paul. It's a chance for the little guys to collectively make a HUGE noise! The plan is to get as many people as possible to donate $100 dollars each that day to the RP campaign. Go to this website and subscribe now and commit to return on the 5th to make your donation.

For the people who say "I like what he has to say, but he doesn't have a chance" well this is an opportunity for us all to make sure that he DOES have a chance.

"The message is powerful, you know I have my short comings but the message has no short comings, the message of liberty is what America is all about". -Ron Paul

*Save not working for me.

I'm trying to do my first save here.

Siftbot tells me "Please wait..." and nothing happens. After a few minutes I refreshed the page and my comment was saved but the video remained discarded. I attempted a second time thinking maybe I gave up to fast but the page has been sitting at "Please wait..." for about 10 minutes now.

Am I doing something wrong?

New Videos should search the Dead Pool

OK this was kind of a rookie move on my part. The other day I did a search for a video on the sift "Sexual Harassment and You" and did not find it. So I submitted it...turns out it was in the Dead Pool and a few days later someone fixed it and then discarded my submission as a dupe.

I know now that in the future I should use the advanced search and search for sifted and dead pool videos before submitting. help curb the same thing from happening over and over shouldn't siftbot also scan the dead pool for possible dupes on the last page before the submit? This would kill two birds with one would help prevent a duplicate submission and would also help fix a video in the dead pool.

Dead Pool Fixes

I recently fixed 3 Dead Pool videos. As I understand it I get only 1 star point because they were done within the same day. But in my stats it shows my Dead Pool Fixes as just 1. That doesn't seem right. It could be argued that 3 fixes should or should not get 3 star points. But regardless shouldn't the stats at least reflect the correct number of fixes?

Top 15 Lists

Sorry if this has been asked and answered before but I searched and didn't find anything. How does the Top 15 work? It looks to me like the Top 15 is based on how many votes a video gets during it's first 4 days on the sift. The other day I noticed I had 3 videos in the Top 15. When 2 of them dropped off I assumed it was because one was older then 4 days and the other got out voted. But I just went and looked at that one and it has 51 votes (3 days old) which should rank it at about 10 on the list. Is this an error or am I just not understanding how the ranking works?

Video not working for some members?

The other day I submitted a youtube video and diamond member Swampgirl is reporting that there is "no video embedded". The video plays just fine for me so I'm wondering is there something else going on here that is causing problems for others. Normally I would just assume "user error" but Swampgirl appears to be a very experienced VS member.

Wrong Thumbnail for Comedy Central videos?

I just noticed that a video I submitted with a "Comedy Central" embed code is using a generic "MySpace" thumbnail as it's thumbnail. I've seen other posts about random thumbnails showing up sometimes for YouTube videos but this looks like something different.
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