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Privilege -aka- Why I've Never Been Afraid of Being Raped

Great! Now that you've clicked the baited title.. let's get to the controversial stuff!

Firstly, This is going to be an on-going series of essays about my frustration with American Social Issues.. all of them really

Secondly, Frustration over the constant "mild" racism on this (& every other website) that re-enforces "ACTUAL" racism is what prompted this endless shitstorm of "why the FUCK would you think THAT is a 'perfectly reasonable' or valid thing to say/support"

Forgive me in advance, my shit has already been thoroughly lost over this.

W.I.N.B.A.B.R Entry #1
- Framing - Male Privilege -

This is my attempt to establish common ground with anyone who wants to SINCERELY AND RESPECTFULLY discuss/debate these topics.

A simple understanding of how I underpin my rants here on Videosift/the Interwebs.

For me personally:

Facts are the Foundation.
Experience is the Framing.
Rants, Diatribes, & Two Cent are the colorful - sometimes distasteful - Exterior

That being said..

I'm AWARE OF and APPRECIATE my Male Privilege.

Foundation – 1 in 10 rape victims are men. (Rathus, Nevid and Fichner-Rathus, 568)

Framing -- I personally have never felt vulnerable or unsafe while walking alone to my car, or drinking with a group of rowdy frat guys.

Exterior -- Because of that, I would never tell a woman.. "Hilliary Clinton is President now. So.. can we stop pretending like sexual assault is still a 'REAL' problem affecting all women in america today."

Or "I know a women who was rape once and SHE's successful. See, no excuses. Why don't you stop whining about sexism & rape culture already?"

Or "I'm not a fan of the 'Political-Correct Police' and how they try to make everything about Rape Culture.
We're ALL potential Rapists and we ALL have an EQUAL CHANCE of being raped.
We should focus on THAT more than anything, not imagined 'Systemic Sexism & Corruption'"

Or "I don't blame all my problems on women. So i can't be sexist."
Or "My Son-in-Law got raped once. So how could I be a rapist?!"

I've never say any crazy heinous shit like this to a woman because.. my PRIVILEGE as a male is NOT taken for granted.

I'm societally-aware enough to know.. I shouldn't mock or belittle other humans' suffering.

Especially suffering that I will most likely NEVER experience at all.
Something that I will NEVER be able to fully empathize with. Ever.. at all.

And therefore, I should remain silent on this topic for the most part. Choosing my words carefully whenever I'm sincerely attempting to add to a discussion.

I never gloat and constantly lord my male privilege over women whenever a video about "female culture" gets sifted..

.. like I'm some ignorant asshole who doesn't understand women are treated differently.

"I pee outside standing up ALL the time. Why don't women just do that? It always works for me."

I am a person who understands and doesn't actively overlook that:

1.) Women are treated differently simply because they're women.
2.) That treatment is often ignored, and a double-standard is created because of that.
3.) That treatment & double-standard ARE the sexism & misogyny women constantly, frustratedly call attention to.

This.. ladies and jellyspoons.. is my analogy for white privilege - aka - "mild" racism.

Great, now i've said all that. Hopefully shit will start clicking in your WASPy "mildly racist" heads.


Whenever YOU as a WHITE male, tell ME as a NON-WHITE male..
"This is no such think as White Privilege"

It's the EXACT SAME as saying..
"This is no such think as Male Privilege, now whip out your dick and start peeing on this tree like equals" any woman.

"But.. Genji.." I hear you say " Everyone knows WOMEN DON'T HAVE PENISES! You're metaphors don't make any sense!"


Women Blacks fundamentally lack a feature & the perks that go with it.

A feature that almost all malesWhites take for granted.

Get it now? Understand a little better? Don't give a fuck still?

Good, I'm done for now.



Okay, to finish this ridiculous framing that - hopefully - at least females can relate too..

Even if a woman worked thru all that daily corruption & oppression.
Acquired a dick, along with the position of Cock-mander in Chief!

..the highest, most honorable title to bestow on a person in this country..

Asshats like @lantern53 & @bobknight33 would STILL mock, disparage & talk shit about them.

" ..This President is un-american.. She went to FOREIGN SCHOOLS where they taught her about FEMALE VALUES! .. her mother is even a well-known Vaginist!

Her church of 20 years preaches FEMALE EMPOWERMENT..
She can't be trusted and she only got elected because of the Vagina Vote!

Also, I'm not a sexist or rapist either.
I just want to help those silly dickless women fix the 'problem' in the Woman Community & Culture"

Make sure you let the absurdity of that comparison sink in.
Because that's PRECISELY how ridiculous and childish racists & their apologists sound.

Here. On Reddit. Everywhere.

*Deep Breath*

Uuugh.. =/

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Okay, you know how you upvote something.

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Could someone work out a way to void a vote? Or would that be super complicated?

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That would be a nice feature. =]

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