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Real Name: Tim
Birthdate: June 29th, 1981 (37 years old)
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Australian Expat living in Montreal

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siftbot says...

Happy anniversary! Today marks year number 7 since you first became a Sifter and the community is better for having you. Thanks for your contributions!

ChaosEngine says...

GBH was certainly better than "not bad", but everyone I'd read/talked to spoke about it like it was the second coming. It's certainly the most "Wes Anderson" movie WA has done. I get it... you like symmetry! And why can't I compare it to his other movies? That seems kinda arbitrary since you're comparing Capn Murica to GBH.

And absolutely, Winter Soldier wasn't as good as Avengers or (Guardians for that matter).

But then, I still think my favourite movie of the year was the Lego movie

EvilDeathBee said:

I found Grand Budapest Hotel to be thoroughly brilliant and enjoyable from start to finish, but maybe because I haven't seen Wes Anderson's previous films. Try not to compare it to his other films. which can be hard because of his style, but I think you'll find it a lot more enjoyable and much better than "not bad".

As for Cappin Murica Too, I did like it, but compared to and still coming off the high of The Avengers (as I had watched it again not long before), where the characters, dialogue and action was just so great, especially the action. So well choreographed, so well paced, so well shot (no shaky cam BS) and such interesting stunts and if memory serves me, no stupid slow-mo. After that, CA2 didn't quite compare.

Which is why I want to see it again, where Avengers wasn't so fresh in my mind, and where I hadn't been put in a different state of mind after watching GBH

siftbot says...

Congratulations! Your comment on Tailgating is bad, okay! has just received enough votes from the community to earn you 1 Power Point. Thank you for your quality contribution to VideoSift.

This achievement has earned you your "Silver Tongue" Level 11 Badge!

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