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Social media videos with captions

Since a lot of people watch videos on their mobile via social media networks they see them without sound. So they started making "videos with big texts/captions/subtitles on the screen" (e.g. Tech Insider). How to call them: "Mobile videos"? "Social videos"? "Social media videos"? "Text videos"? Is there an agreed upon term?

Does anyone know since when exactly this trend started and which big media producers were early adopters?

There are basic rules to get the most optimal results.
But I often still find these texts blocking the visual experience, resulting in an inferior video, wishing the texts were just annotations you can remove.
What do you think?

For those who are heartbroken about dupes they had to let go

So, let go, yeah let go
Just get in
Oh, it's so amazing here
It's all right
'Cause there's beauty in the breakdown

There's a potential loss when calling a dupe, a.o. better titles/tags/channels, the comments of the dupe are not merged..maybe this wound can be healed with technology?
(But sometimes the comments are related to the different context of the dupe video, hmm..)

If you have heartbreaking stories about dupes, let it out!
Much love 'n luvcruft!!:)

Which upcoming film releases are you looking forward to?

Antichrist (Lars von Trier)
Hurt Locker (Kathryn Bigelow)
Thirst/Bakjw (Chan-wook Park)
Bright Star (Jane Campion)
Das weiße Band (Michael Haneke)
Enter the Void (Gaspard Noe)
Looking for Eric (Ken Loach)

White Material (Claire Denis)
Life During Wartime (Happiness sequel) (Todd Solondz)
The Road (John Hillcoat)
Trash Humpers (Harmony Korine)
Ong Bak 2 (Tony Jaa)
My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done (Werner Herzog)
Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans (Werner Herzog)
Capitalism a Love Story (Michael Moore)
A Serious Man (Coen bros)
An Education (Lone Scherfig)
Soul Kitchen (Fatih Akin)
The Vintner's Luck (Niki Caro)
Perriers's Bounty (Ian Fitzgibbon)
Air Doll (Hirokazu Koreeda)
Harry Brown (Daniel Barber)

Extract (Mike Judge)
World's greatest dad
The Men Who Stare at Goats
Where the Wild things are (Spike Jonze)
Avatar (James Cameron)
The Lovely Bones (Peter Jackson)
2012 (Roland Emmerich)
The Princess and the Frog (Ron Clements & John Musker / Disney)

The Wolfman (Joe Johnston)
Alice in Wonderland (Tim Burton)
Legion (Scott Steward)
Norwegian Wood (Anh Hung Tran)
King Shot (Alejandro Jodorowsky)
Shutter Island (Martin Scorcese)
Rapunzel (Nathan Greno & Byron Howard / Disney)
Inception (Christopher Nolan)

The Hobbit (Guillermo del Toro)
Iron Sky
A Brave New World (Ridley Scott)

Members who haven't returned post-Siftapocalypse

From time to time one can encounter numbered accounts of members who have still not yet revisited their account after the siftapocalypse or didn't want to (btw, it would be nice to have the names back of the higher ranked members). So here's a list of the more prominent members (please add):
9567 - dead_tofu
8217 - Kuga
9248 - uhohzombies: returned (29th of August 2009)
8777 - snoozedoctor
8383 - Zeph
10835 - mundanest
8464 - Violator99
8756 - Bakalex
13506 - ?
9058 - Jordass
8266 - DrPawn
8775 - wigerdog
8588 - Shasdo
8416 - tehmog
9978 - Ramasse-Miette
10444 - karkarlee

Personal Top Channels (update): what kind of sifter are you?

Personal top channels tell a lot about the sifter's taste (and I think should be made public on the profile! What do you think?), so please share (and compare); especially our new members..

UPDATE: top 86 Overall Top Channels!

1. Comedy - 5289921 votes received
2. Music - 3179909 votes received
3. Politics - 2826072 votes received
4. Everything geek - 2052843 votes received
5. Vintage - 1470490 votes received
6. WTF - 1259117 votes received
7. Animation - 1253970 votes received
8. Worldaffairs - 901589 votes received
9. Nature - 896498 votes received
10. 1stTube - 828706 votes received
11. Rocknroll - 814359 votes received
12. British - 790813 votes received
13. Cinema - 736348 votes received
14. Parody - 712758 votes received
15. Election08 - 710377 votes received
16. Documentaries - 661941 votes received
17. Cute - 656022 votes received
18. Waronterror - 654652 votes received
19. Viral - 634034 votes received
20. Commercial - 545218 votes received
21. Eia - 543234 votes received
22. Ball flexin' - 527505 votes received
23. Dark - 520861 votes received
24. Science - 494758 votes received
25. Sport - 487821 votes received
26. Art - 484944 votes received
27. Latenight - 469845 votes received
28. Horrorshow - 468944 votes received
29. Catsanddogs - 410197 votes received
30. Livemusic - 386966 votes received
31. Lies - 384926 votes received
32. Asia - 383632 votes received
33. Woohoo - 376473 votes received
34. Canada - 364253 votes received
35. Videogames - 348489 votes received
36. Religion - 347012 votes received
37. Happy - 335573 votes received
38. 80s - 330779 votes received
39. Femme - 328202 votes received
40. History - 320320 votes received
41. News - 306741 votes received
42. Terrible - 292836 votes received
43. Military - 288666 votes received
44. Scifi - 286366 votes received
45. Kids - 278385 votes received
46. Engineering - 272741 votes received
47. Standup - 268248 votes received
48. Howto - 253863 votes received
49. Sexuality - 242079 votes received
50. Humanitarian - 241118 votes received
51. Wheels - 224577 votes received
52. Spacy - 215044 votes received
53. Fear - 206190 votes received
54. Downunder - 193863 votes received
55. Drugs - 177705 votes received
56. Travel - 162704 votes received
57. Obscure - 152070 votes received
58. Wings - 147460 votes received
59. Cooking - 138064 votes received
60. Hiphop - 115620 votes received
61. Gay - 111307 votes received
62. Books - 102954 votes received
63. Shortfilms - 94894 votes received
64. Philosophy - 94117 votes received
65. Meme - 91288 votes received
66. Timeshift - 84897 votes received
67. Cult - 83079 votes received
68. Love - 67871 votes received
69. Islam - 62312 votes received
70. Teens - 61914 votes received
71. Comics - 57523 votes received
72. Wildwestshow - 54832 votes received
73. Bravo - 52302 votes received
74. Jazz - 48022 votes received
75. Eco - 45089 votes received
76. Talks - 42346 votes received
77. Grindhouse - 38356 votes received
78. Future - 34288 votes received
79. Mystery - 33808 votes received
80. Magic - 23027 votes received
81. Brain - 19715 votes received
82. Money - 12554 votes received
83. Dance - 11538 votes received
84. Controversy - 8331 votes received
85. Metal - 7270 votes received
86. Law - 6647 votes received

Since the end of 2008 the personal top channels are displayed by the highest number of votes you have received for any of your videos in that channel (instead of the total number of votes you have cast for a channel, see here and here for those good ol' stats).

Invocation to replace a siftbot-vote with your own vote?

We now have all these siftbot-votes piled up under the videos. An invocation (e.g. *vote="membername") - available to all members registred before the crash - could reduce this unpersonal (the vote on a video links the member to the member who posted the video - this information is lost..it's also the data that is needed if a neighbour system (cf. last.fm) would be implemented) pile and prevent double votes (vote inflation). Could this be engineered? Is it practical/workable? What do you think?

Tactics to get the votes back as they were

Fortunately our community is not made up of robots but of people who have memories that are non-digital which can recollect which videos were voted on (when you weren't intoxicated or otherwise under the influence..). Playlists, comments and channels are also useful to find back the videos you up-/downvoted. We now also have more reason to check out favourite member profiles to access their libraries and upvote.

There are fortunately also automated vote-retrieval methods.
The auto self upvote for all pqed/sifted videos did safe some time (this included my self down votes (1, 2) but that's not a big deal:)) Members who used *promote/*save have all upvoted the video in question - could this be automated as well?

More ideas?

Small overview of Asian Cinema 2007/2008

AsianVirusNet has a nice selection of scenes from Asian films released in 2007/2008:

01. Help Me Eros (Bang bang wo ai shen) [Taiwan]
02. Buddha Collapsed Out of Shame (Buda as sharm foru rikht) [Iran]
03. Night Train (Ye Che) [China]
04. Sad Vacation [Japan]
05. Blind Mountain (Mang shan) [China]
06. And the Spring Comes (Lichun) [China]

07. With the Girl of Black Soil (Geomen tangyi sonyeo oi) [South Korea]
08. Adrift in Tokyo (Tenten) [Japan]
09. Mad Detective (Sun taam) [Hong Kong]
10. Fine, Totally Fine (Zenzen daijobu) [Japan]
11. Nowhere to Turn (Yeogiboda Eodingae) [South Korea]
12. Sparrow (Man jeuk) [Hong Kong]
13. The Way We Are (Tin shui wai dik yat yu ye) [Hong Kong]
And I can recommend IP man (2008):

And Mogari no mori (the Mourning Forest):

Machan (2008):


One hundred years after Marinetti's Futurist Manifesto
Rekombinant.org presents:

1. We want to sing of the danger of love, the daily creation of a sweet energy that is never dispersed.
2. The essential elements of our poetry will be irony, tenderness and rebellion.
3. Ideology and advertising have exalted the permanent mobilisation of the productive and nervous energies of humankind towards profit and war. We
want to exalt tenderness, sleep and ecstasy, the frugality of needs and the pleasure of the senses.
4. We declare that the splendor of the world has been enriched by a new beauty: the beauty of autonomy. Each to her own rhythm; nobody must be constrained to march on a uniform pace. Cars have lost their allure of rarity and above all they can no longer perform the task they were conceived for: speed has slowed down. Cars are immobile like stupid slumbering tortoises in the city traffic. Only slowness is fast.
5. We want to sing of the man and the woman who caress one another to know one another and the world better.
6. The poet must expend herself with warmth and prodigality to increase the power of collective intelligence and reduce the time of wage labour.
7. Beauty exists only in autonomy. No work that fails to express the intelligence of the possible can be a masterpiece. Poetry is a bridge cast over the abyss of nothingness to allow the sharing of different imaginations and to free singularities.
8. We are on the extreme promontory of the centuries... We must look behind to remember the abyss of violence and horror that military aggressiveness and nationalist ignorance is capable of conjuring up at any moment in time.
We have lived in the stagnant time of religion for too long. Omnipresent and eternal speed is already behind us, in the Internet, so we can forget its syncopated rhymes and find our singular rhythm.
9. We want to ridicule the idiots who spread the discourse of war: the fanatics of competition, the fanatics of the bearded gods who incite massacres, the fanatics terrorised by the disarming femininity blossoming in all of us.
10. We demand that art turns into a life-changing force. We seek to abolish the separation between poetry and mass communication, to reclaim the power of media from the merchants and return it to the poets and the sages.
11. We will sing of the great crowds who can finally free themselves from the slavery of wage labour and through solidarity revolt against exploitation. We will sing of the infinite web of knowledge and invention, the immaterial technology that frees us from physical hardship. We will sing of the rebellious cognitariat who is in touch with her own body. We will sing to the infinity of the present and abandon the illusion of a future.

Rudy Ray Moore (1927-2008)

Rudy Ray Moore, the self-proclaimed "Godfather of Rap" who influenced generations of rappers and comedians with his rhyming style, braggadocio (empty boasting) and profanity-laced routines, has died the 19th of October 2008. He was 81.
Rudy Ray Moore dies at 81; comedian and filmmaker influenced rap and hip-hop (LA Times Obituary)

Where's the Love? The Love has come to VideoSift!

Stand up! Jump, jump, jump. Laugh, hahaha, huggy party, kisskisskiss xxxxxxxxxx ! ♥ ♥♥♥♥♥

Presenting the new LOVE channel!

People clearly having/describing a strong ineffable feeling of attraction to other persons, spiritual beings, characters, theirselves, animals, plants, objects, ideas or locations - for good or for bad.

So if you or someone else needs a hug or when you've got a fever for things around you and the only prescription is more love, jump in this pool full of lovely luv videos!

Many (undeclared) dead and channelless videos out there

The VideoSift archive is expanding but its quality decreases if we don't maintain it sufficiently. Apart from our deadpool where videos are waiting to be resurrected, many of the older posts are dead but not yet declared dead (*dead). Also most of the posts from the beginning of VideoSift are channelless or only linked to the firstly created channels.

So hereby I call for archive maintenance: revive videos and make the archive more accessible!

-Before declaring dead check the URL of the embedded video
-One can find channelless videos by filtering out ALL channels

Channel combinations are sub-channels: let's make a list

actionpack + dark + military = war
comedy + actionpack + dark + military = war comedy
comedy + dark = dark comedy
comedy + wtf = absurdism / dadaism
music + rocknroll + dark = metal
music + rocknroll + drugs = psychedelic rock
music + rocknroll + happy = pop rock / boogie woogie / swing
music + rocknroll + space = space rock


Nobel Prize for Literature goes to? Le Clézio!

The winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature for 2008 will be revealed on the 9th of October.
These (or here

Claudio Magris 3/1
Adonis 4/1
Amos Oz 5/1
Joyce Carol Oates 5/1
Philip Roth 5/1
Don DeLillo 7/1
Haruki Murakami 7/1
Les Murray 7/1
Yves Bonnefoy 10/1
Inger Christensen 14/1
Jean Marie Gustav Le Clezio 14/1
Michael Ondaatje 14/1
Thomas Pynchon 14/1
Arnošt Lustig 20/1
Ismail Kadare 20/1
Ko Un 20/1
Mario Vargas Llosa 20/1
Thomas Transtromer 20/1
A.B Yehousha 25/1
Assia Djebar 25/1
Milan Kundera 25/1
Cees Nooteboom 33/1
Gitta Sereny 33/1
Harry Mulisch 33/1
James Ngugi 33/1
Margaret Atwood 33/1
Alice Munro 40/1
Antoni Tabucchi 40/1
Bei Dao 40/1
Carlos Fuentes 40/1
Peter Carey 40/1
Umberto Eco 40/1
Chinua Achebe 50/1
Cormac McCarhty 50/1
Herta Müller 50/1
Ian McEwan 50/1
John Updike 50/1
Mahasweta Devi 50/1
A. S. Byatt 66/1
David Malouf 66/1
Ernesto Cardenal 66/1
F. Sionil Jose 66/1
Marge Piercy 66/1
Maya Angelou 66/1
Salman Rushdie 66/1
Willy Kyrklund 66/1
Adam Zagajewski 100/1
Beryl Bainbridge 100/1
E.L Doctorow 100/1
Eeva Kilpi 100/1
John Banville 100/1
Jonathan Little 100/1
Julian Barnes 100/1
Mary Gordon 100/1
Michael Tournier 100/1
Patrick Modiano 100/1
Paul Auster 100/1
Rosalind Belben 100/1
Vassilis Aleksakis 100/1
William H Gass 100/1
Bob Dylan 150/1
) are the latest speculations about the winner at the betting office Ladbrokes.
So book loving sifters, what are your bets?
(the winner(s) get(s) one promote of a book related post (if available))

Norsuelefantti & T-man & Nomino get their gold star!

Three members deserve their avatars to be huge as they have reached a milestone
during their sifting days: they now have their golden stars to cherish
in their own particular T-man, Norsuelefantti and Nomino way..

Clicking their avatars will bring you to the gold they have accumulated so far
and will give an indication what these three will offer us in the future!:)
Give it up for T-man from the Land of the Lost, Norsuelefantti from Suomi and Nomino from the Land without a Name!

And take a peek in their PQs! (Norsuelefantti/T-man/Nomino)

What are your Personal Top Channels? (Update)

Some time ago (7 months) we shared our personal top channels: what has changed since then? What are your current personal top channels?

Overall Top Channels
The highest ranked channels overall as determined by votes cast by all members.

1. Comedy - 923174 votes received (comedy talk)
2. Music - 509200 votes received (music talk)
3. Everything geek - 365788 votes received (geek talk)
4. Politics - 317963 votes received (politics talk)
5. What the F*ck Just Happened? - 233506 votes received (wtf talk)
6. Animation - 215200 votes received (animation talk)
7. VideoSift's Archive of Vintage Classics - 169689 votes received (vintage talk)
8. 1stTube: the best clips of television - 166544 votes received (1sttube talk)
9. Cute - 130220 votes received (cute talk)
10. British Invasion - 123547 votes received (british talk)

Tropic Thunder: Turkey

After seeing the trailer of Ben Stiller's "Tropic Thunder" here
and in cinemas, I was kind of sold to see the whole piece.
Expecting a good trashy movie, I unfortunately saw nothing but a bad (dead pan) trashy movie with only some funny bits (most of them already given away in the trailers) and several cheap faux pas to stir controversy (read: get publicity).

They ironically enough wasted their $92,000,000 budget..
They should've buried it to prevent its release into the wild.

I'd say: see the award winning
(the movie already won this year's Golden (Comedy) Trailer Award) trailer and wait for a better war comedy..

What do you think?

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