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No *promoting until the vid is ineligible for Top 15

Hooray for titles that sum it all up!

There are two videos sitting at the promoted part of the front page currently. While they are fantastic (I upvoted both), it gives them an unfair edge against all the other sifts to reach the Top 15.

I think the *promote invocation should only be used to recall older videos which can no longer be awarded with a top position.

At the very least, users should not be allowed to self-promote vids which are still less than 4 days old.

I have opinions!

Streamline the Sift

Everyone, please stop masturbating and take a moment to consider the following -

I'm not sure how long you've been doing this, but I feel invocations are archaic and clunky. Not to mention they take up far too much space in the comments section - leading me to have to scroll a half a page down on some videos just to see a real comment. The worst part is that new members seem to be unsure of what they can and can't do around here.

So I got to the thinking after learning that some members can hobble other members by clicking a button on their profile, shouldn't it be that way for every sort of invocation?

I mean, you don't have to go to someone's page and type "Hobble" in their profile. You just hit the button. The latter is far superior.

So I propose that all commands are done in a similar manner. When you are viewing a video or a Sifttalk post, buttons should pop onto the page based on the following -

1.) What your relation to the post is. In other words, whether it's your sift or someone else's.

2. What your star power is.

Now, I suck at Photoshop (actually I used Paint. I suck at that too), but I still drew up a very rough mock-up of what I'm talking about. Here is an example of what it might look at when viewing your own video. Now, those colors are god-awful, and you would probably want to position them somewhere else on the page, but you get my point.

And when a starred member views another person's video, they might see something along the lines of a "Blocked" button, as well as a link to modify the video's details in order to add channels or call "brief."

For this to work, whenever a button that requires power points is hit, a pop up window would come up and announce "This invocation requires 1 power point. Do you wish to proceed?"

Also, I feel that whenever a new star with new privileges is reached, Siftbot should leave a message on the person's profile announcing their new status as well as their new privileges.
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