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Vid fixed from Deadpool, but replaced with the wrong thing.

I had a video flagged as dead, searched for a replacement, couldn't find one and so it ended up in the deadpool.

Along came a kind soul who decided to fix the embed, but who misinterpreted/didn't read the title/tags and instead ended up fixing it with the wrong vid.

The vid posted to fix it was, in fact, a vid I had posted in the past anyway, so it is now a dupe too.

What is the protocol for dealing with this, and isn't this an inherent danger with the deadpool?

I actually think the deadpool is a really cool and necessary idea... keep the sift full of working, live, kick ass videos, but sometimes it can be tricky to figure out exactly what the vid was, especially as it is un-viewable in it's dead state.

Saving a video for a user when their queue is full

Forgive me if this has been answered elsewhere: Just wondering what happens if you try to *save a video when the owner's queue is already at capacity - is it possible to do so? Does their queue get an extra sneaky video added to it? or will siftbot simply not allow the save?
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