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Star Trek: Into Darkness

Anyone see this?

I'm just curious as to how many people like this current treatment of Trek as pure action fodder?

I'm not against action movies but dumb action movies? I really don't like those. And this was a good example.

Disappointing way to spend two hours and £5.50. I spent a lot of time rolling my eyeballs and being bored.

This is what I don't get about Channels...

I don't know if this is a bug or not but it's bloody annoying and it keeps happening..

I need to remove the rugby video from Skillful because it's really just a sports clip (and actually features a turnover i.e fail which leads the opposing team to score).

There's no remove link so I head into Skillful. It's got 5 votes so I click on Upcoming.
It says "No videos to display".

The solution in this case is to manually edit the URL to include the skillful folder and lo and behold it's there.

Also we really do need to be able to see ALL videos tagged to a channel as many are hidden in pqueues - *easily* (I know I can do a search but not everyone's going to do that).

Malware page on Videosift (probably not - hopefully)

I was just thinking about buying powerpoints and clicked through to that page. Decided to click on Issykitty's name. The page loads for a second then is replaced by this scary thing;

What should we make of this? Recently inserted dodgy links or existing link on the profile page that is now gone bad?

Or false positive?

Hey @Issykitty!

The latest YouTube embeds

You've probably seen the new look youtube. But I've just noticed the embeds are now not allowing full-screen mode (there's also a new speed selector).

For pity's sake why?

Remove video from channel option now gone

Any channel owners notice this? I've tested in Chrome and Opera.

As someone who has to remove a fair few videos I now have to use nochannel like regular folk.

Any reason why this was removed? I've posted in the bugs thread and elsewhere but have had no response.

Standing desks may improve your Sifting (and your health)

There's been a few articles on the perils of sitting down for extended periods of time and how standing is much healthier for you.

I really want to raise my desk but it seems like a hack your own solution at this point in time given the prices of custom made standing desks.

Thus I've decided to build the last desk featured in this article and chuck my old one out. Ikea delivery next Friday! I've got to chop a few bits off to make it fit but it looks like a sweet design.

Anyone else feel like standing?

Some links:

And there's a ton of others, just google for more!

I just signed up to

Interesting service that attempts to reward content creators with micro-payments from their fans.

You sign up and deposit some money. If you like someone's song, art, video, blog etc you can click their Flattr button. At the end of the month your predetermined monthly donation is divided by the number of clicks you made and each recipient gets an equal slice of the pie.

I've suggested it to my friend who's got a podcast he loves doing but has no funding.

Might be useful to some of you and perhaps it's another source of donations for this site. I've already found a few sites in the catalog to support, that otherwise I may not have. One example is NoScript. It's a lot easier to click the flattr button rather than go through the regular Paypal Donate button.

You can also setup recurring flattrs i.e a subscription and/or click a donate button.

Seems like a win for everyone and flattr obviously get a cut to keep things running.

@replies - what use are they?

If someone mentions me like so; @Deano in a post somewhere how do I see that? Is there a page somewhere listing all the mentions so I can catch up and reply?

At the moment, for me at least, they just seem to stay where they are and serve no particular purpose.

I stand to be corrected.

Thanking you kindly,


Skillful channel is open for business

I have tagged several videos already and it's all looking good. User are invited to submit exceptional skills being demonstrated to the channel.

As curator I'll probably be fussy about what is considered skillful as I do want people to see cool stuff here.

Please post any questions or comments - thanks!

Channel idea: Skillful

Why don't we have a channel that celebrates extreme skill, craftsmanship and mind-boggling physical feats?

I believe the following examples would fit rather well;

Notice that most of these have channels that don't quite cover the exceptional level of skill on display. Calling it Art, Geek, Sport etc doesn't quite seem to do it for me.

I believe a Skills or Skillful channel would be a very interesting addition that people would gravitate to.

Should Videosift get a discussion forum?

  (20 votes)
  (17 votes)

A total of 37 votes have been cast on this poll.

My gut feeling is that the sift would be a bit more stickier if there was a conventional threaded discussion board. Channel Talks have posts that tend to, more often than not, die a death and get few responses.

With a proper hub for intelligent discussion, Channel Talks can still be used to bring up Channel problems/administration issues. Or perhaps dispensed with altogether.

I know some great conversations actually happen in video comments but they are dependent on the submittal of that video. A forum would be a great place to thrash out hot topics or talk about lighter subjects.

What's the ONE feature you wish to see on the Sift?

As in the most important to you?

I'd vote for being able to search for playlists. If you look there are some good ones out there but I fear it's a vastly underused feature. Would be nice if one could chain a few videos together to make them all automatically play in sequence - but I don't know if that is possible.

Should someone start a Technology channel?

  (31 votes)
  (6 votes)
  (2 votes)

A total of 39 votes have been cast on this poll.

As per Dag's suggestion I'm posting a poll to see if others agree we need a Technology channel to cover modern tech, latest developments, talks, reviews etc.

Up to now everything has been lumped into the Geek channel. Geek is great for geeky things e.g people at a Star Wars convention, someone listing their favourite videogames etc etc. Similarly a video showing new research in biology is not really Geek.

Thus when I click Geek I see a far too broad range of material and we need to start filtering.

Vote for the new Technology channel!

(I do not wish to start the channel but I would like to see someone else take on the job)

I know we have Newest Appreciated Comments but...

Would it not be cool (not to mention adding some variety and highlighting the social hubbub going on behind the videos) if we could promote comments to the front page?

I often find interesting new videos via Newest Appreciated Comments but if you could promote a cool comment it would be clearer with less truncated text and allow particularly outstanding contributions to be fully appreciated.

I'd suggest only one comment at a time hogging space so as to avoid the page becoming too wordy. Nor could you self-promote.

Great podcast chat on role of Religion

I assume this isn't a region-blocked thing so do enjoy. This is a fascinating and engaging discussion about the role of religion in society. Are faith schools a good thing? Is Hitch a "militant" atheist?

Have to admit I wasn't that convinced by the Catholic and the Muslim both indulging in victimhood. Evan Harris spoke a lot of sense in terms of how religion should position itself in relation to public policy. AC Grayling had some fantastic historical insights about the underlying philosophy. The Labour guy struck me as a PC nut.

Very interesting listening.

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