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Should Videosift get a discussion forum?

  (20 votes)
  (17 votes)

A total of 37 votes have been cast on this poll.

My gut feeling is that the sift would be a bit more stickier if there was a conventional threaded discussion board. Channel Talks have posts that tend to, more often than not, die a death and get few responses.

With a proper hub for intelligent discussion, Channel Talks can still be used to bring up Channel problems/administration issues. Or perhaps dispensed with altogether.

I know some great conversations actually happen in video comments but they are dependent on the submittal of that video. A forum would be a great place to thrash out hot topics or talk about lighter subjects.

Should someone start a Technology channel?

  (31 votes)
  (6 votes)
  (2 votes)

A total of 39 votes have been cast on this poll.

As per Dag's suggestion I'm posting a poll to see if others agree we need a Technology channel to cover modern tech, latest developments, talks, reviews etc.

Up to now everything has been lumped into the Geek channel. Geek is great for geeky things e.g people at a Star Wars convention, someone listing their favourite videogames etc etc. Similarly a video showing new research in biology is not really Geek.

Thus when I click Geek I see a far too broad range of material and we need to start filtering.

Vote for the new Technology channel!

(I do not wish to start the channel but I would like to see someone else take on the job)
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