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Getting a web application off the ground - I'm confused

Really confused.

I find myself getting squeezed between the idea of returning to the 9-5 grind (which does not appeal) and getting weary of the self-employed lark. But I have this one idea which might make some bucks.

It is of course a web application and one that I know would appeal to my clients. Importantly I would find it useful as well. Now like most of you I'm a veteran of using and signing up to web services and have a pile of buzzwords floating around my head, things like java, ruby-on-rails, frameworks, perl, python, oracle, google web toolkit, Microsoft bizspark etc etc etc. But I'm not a web developer and having a little bit of knowledge can be dangerous. I worry about the choices I might make.

I'm also building up a collection of links on how one might proceed but I'm starting to drown in the information. I need clarity.

Links like this have helped -

To be a little more specific the app is involved in document management so issues of managing versions and backups would be critical. Other than that it's going to be designed for a non-techy audience so simplicity is key. I've done a cool looking mockup and have a good idea of what I want. I know I want to start small, get a few clients to test it and then scale up gradually. And I have precious little money to do this with.

I just wonder if anyone has thoughts on this and what things I should be watching out for.


UPDATED! EURO S⇧FTUP 2009 now with confirmed location!

Sept 5. Update:

Confirmed Location: CANTALOUPE in the East End (off Old Street), starting from 8:00 pm

Location on Google Maps

We have five confirmed participants so far: BreaksTheEarth, gwiz665, ornthoron, haldaug and maatc

I have reserved a corner for eight people hoping some more local London sifters will show. The more the merrier!

Here is an accomodation suggestion for out of towners
... more inside ...
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