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It’s that time again, when we let one special member of The Sift know how much we care about them by reminding them they’re a puss filled canker on the anus of humanity. Tonight rasch187, resident Norwegian and frequent video promoter, is that lucky canker, and we’re the... well I’ll leave it at that.

For those of you who don’t know, Rasch is the lord and master of the Rock & Roll Channel, having led a successful coup d’état against MLX (current whereabouts unknown). He now derives the pleasure granted by his position by declaring posts from hopeful sifters as unworthy of the glorious title of rock & roll; I understand he has a cut glass goblet full shed tears from which he drinks every time he removes a post from his channel.

But that’s not all our man Rasch has been up to, after a grueling process he’s also finishing up his Master’s Thesis/Dissertation in Law. I understand the title of his work is, ‘How to Get Caught Masturbating in Elizabeth Shue’s Closet and Only Get a $200 Fine: A case study in downgrading a felony to a misdemeanor’. I can only guess the answer is somehow related to art, it might also help to explain why he was wearing a top hat and a paper cut-out mask of Bob Dylan at the time. Let us know how the defense turns out, both the academic, and the judicial one.

If you need further fodder feel free to check out for the semi-official roast questionnaire.

So have at it folks, and remember it’s not funny till someone’s crying. Just a word of caution, if he’d do this one of nature’s gentle giants, think what he’d do to an upright hairless cackling monkey.

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