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Rewarding original video uploaders/owners

I was wondering whether it might be possible to make votes on videosift translate to an increase in the star-rating of the original youtube video?

This way we could show gratitude to the original uploaders (and possibly creators) of the videos - something i often do by going to the site in question and vote manually (for the hexakopter vid for instance).

i thought about having siftbot auto-comment on the video site "congrats, your video is #1 at!", but that might make them think "wtf is this leecher site?". A more eloquent message might do the trick though.

What is happening in Iran?

Is it a revolution? Or just hype on twitter? Any news junkies on the sift wanna update us?

[small update]

Some of the (few!) media outlets reporting on the protests:

Also, pajamasmedia has a list of the various crackdowns Ahmadinejad has made on the protests.
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