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Mitt Romney to Buy Clear Channel Communications

What would it cost to buy the support of just about every nationally-syndicated neocon talk show host in America? About $19.5 Billion, which is what Mitt Romney’s private equity firm, Bain Capital, and Thomas H. Lee Partners have agreed to pay in a leveraged buyout agreement with Clear Channel Communications, the largest radio station owner in the country.

Clear Channel owns over 1,100 full-power AM, FM, and shortwave radio stations, twelve radio channels on XM Satellite Radio, and more than 30 television stations in the United States. Premiere Radio Networks, which is the largest syndication company in the United States, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Clear Channel and is home to Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and many others. Sean Hannity recently signed a large multi-market contract with Clear Channel, as well.

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How to create a Custom Player in YouTube®

I've noticed that many people still post the first video of a multi-part series instead of creating a custom player, while posting links to the other parts as the first comment.

Not only is the posting of multiple links as time consuming as creating a custom player, but tends to lack a bit of luster and removes the user from the VideoSift® page to see the rest of the video.

Once you create your first player, you'll see how easy it is and will be able to create them with ease.

Things you'll need:
  • 1 YouTube® account
  • Multiple videos on YouTube®
  • Just a few minutes of your time

    Step I:
    - Open the first video that will be in your new player.
    - Click on the "Add to playlist" link underneath the video.
    - Select the "Create new playlist" link at the bottom of the dropdown combo box.
    - Call the playlist what the title of the movie is.
    - Type in or paste in a description (max 1000 words).

    Step II:
    - Open the 2nd video that will be in your new player.
    - Click on the "Add to playlist" link underneath the video.
    - Select the playlist you just created (Refresh the page if needed).
    - Repeat this step for each additional video part to complete your playlist.

    Step III:
    - Click on the "Account" link at the top right next to your YouTube name.
    - Click on the "Playlists" link under the "My Videos" section.
    - Locate and select your new playlist and click on it.

    Step IV:
    - Click the "Create Custom Player" Button.
    - Customize the player as needed.
    - Click the "Generate Code" Button.
    - Copy this code in the Video Embed Code section of Videosift® when you submit a new video.

    Step V:
    - Enjoy watching your complete uninterrupted show in your new custom player in Videosift®.

  • Cat Door hacked to keep cats carrying mice out

    Flo has a habit of catching various animals, dragging them inside through the cat door, and letting them loose so they can be chased for hours. To put an end to this we have built a computer-controlled device that visually determines if Flo is carrying anything in her mouth when she enters, and if she does, it simply does not let her in.

    First look at the new Amero coins

    Currently being minted at the United States Denver mint, these new attractive coins will be replacing the current falling US Dollar as well as the Canadian dollar and the Mexican Peso. This is a major step in merging the entire North American continent into a single nation ready for New World Order. Be sure to give a warm smile as you trade in your current currency (at a reasonable exchange rate) and say "Thanks for destroying the sovereignty of our nation!" (parody)

    Glitch in the system.. can someone plz fix?

    In my video post:

    ...the 12th comment was posted by me in response the user Par's comment post (11). After I had just submitted a spelling error correction the ownership of my comment (the 12th one) somehow became owned by Par's account.

    Could someone fix this? If not then people may get confused on who is talking to whom on this thread.
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