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lurgee says...

Thanks! I thought that this was hilarious.

ChaosEngine said:

That was *quality and I didn't even vote for Obama.

I mean, I would have, but I don't live in the US. Also, I don't have a daughter, but if I did, I'm fine with you dating her, Curtis.

We cool? Sweet, thanks brother!

ahh fuck, I took it too far, didn't I........

siftbot says...

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PlayhousePals says...

HELL'S to the NO!

ChaosEngine said:

You know what fucks me off about Bannon? He's giving alcoholics a bad name. Most of us are lovely people... have a few drinks, great fun at parties.... I mean sure, I've forced people to listen to me drunkenly butcher Stairway on guitar, but is that really worse than getting Trump elected?

siftbot says...

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