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Get a Fish Tank (Blog Post)

I emplore you to look at your life.


 Your stability, your short term and long term wants, your needs as a human being and a human doing.


 Could your life use an animate   localized environment of curious and diverse creatures ?


 If you have the time to invest an hour a week on a fish tank for a long little while, why not try  out a zen state in your space. 


 I switched my computer station around a couple weeks ago, instead of looking over my shoulder to see my setup/established fish tank I started a couple months ago;  I now glance to my left and enjoyment and heart warming embeleshments pump thrugh my chest. It might by the  Hooch and leafs emphasizing the feeling.  


 I really think everyone should have some form of water garden or what not in their space if conditions permit. It gives back more then what you give.


Fish ! it's what is for dinner and! entertainment.


This concludes my self felt blog needs.


Is tim hortons in the United states ? 

I fell down 7 -  1950's basement stairs today riding the tailbone.  Fuck does it hurt when I move around, my leg locked as well as  I hit the wall, I have "double jointed" or " hyperextenstive" or whatever  KNEES , so I did not hit them squar on , my legs Bow downwards, so I felt a little tickle on that one, 196 pounds of pure man meat ploping down six feet on bowed knee with a Pex ring in his pocket.  (plumbers joke invoked). 


ahhh, I read moby dick 3 times as a teen.


hmmmm,  Evenin'.

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