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newtboy says...

duh...he started a company dedicated to genetically engineering a combustible he could burn life's house down....with a lemon!

Viewed a lot of lemon party pictures, have you?

BSR said:

Cave Johnson has his own lemon brand??

Any of the lemon party pics I've seen did not include Cave. I did have a girlfriend once that swore she knew one of them.

newtboy says...

Shots?!....that requires treatment with thermite..or Cave Johnson brand lemons. Fight fire with hotter fire!

Side note....does Cave Johnson get invited to many lemon parties?

BSR said:

That was years ago. I've had my shots.

siftbot says...

You just received a gift of 10 Power Points from an anonymous human being. Spend them well, and make your generous benefactor proud.

newtboy says...

Already been done.....

BSR said:

Ahhh. Much better. Thanks for the extra effort.

It's true. People rarely get what they deserve. That's why love is at the top of my list.

I see people grieve everyday. Some more than others. People feel betrayed by love because until they lose someone they love and who loved them, love becomes the thing of intense evil.

Suddenly they wonder what they did to deserve the pain they suffer. Feelings of being tricked and it can't possibly be true. Love is not supposed to take you there. You feel as though you must have had the wrong idea and everyone else got it right but you.

You feel alone. Very alone. Frightened. Insanity starts to creep in. Everything now has different meaning. Suicide becomes an option not only because of the pain but because you have gotten others to follow you down that road and will they be able to handle it? You feel trapped.

You start looking through the bible you wrote for yourself. The rules you wrote to live by. Did I have sympathy for others? Did I help others when I could have? Did I judge or did I understand?

There is only one way out. You must continue to love knowing the pain that you may lead others to. That's what music is all about. That's where music lets you know you're not alone. You did the the right thing and suddenly you can hear the voices of those who led you to where you are. They knew you were coming and they are now there to catch you. You crossed through the pain of hell into a world where you were loved all along and never believed it.

It's in every song ever sung. Every poem ever written. Every movie ever made.

The broken hearted. The bleeding hearts. The lovers. The artists. The creators.

So.... If you could just work that into a song, that would be greaat.

newtboy says...

adjective-rightfully earned because of something done

adjective-behaving as someone, especially the speaker, would recommend; sensible; wise

Because I claim violence is deserved does not mean I advise it. Many deserved actions are not advisable. I would say a child rapist deserves to have their genitals mutilated or removed, but I wouldn't suggest anyone do that to them for many reasons.
People rarely get what they deserve.

BSR said:

I'm getting a headache. lol Dumb it down for me.

psycop says...

Gah... I don't know how to use the sift. I'll put that comment public too... sorry.

BSR said:

Just to clear things up, when is violence deserved again?

psycop says...

I don't know if you've seen the sort of thing I'm talking about, but the usual formula is you see a video with a title like "Bully picks on the wrong guy" or something, then you watch the video and what you see is someone getting their head kicked in, and you feel good. Then you have an entire comment section with "That's what you get for being a bully" etc. But nothing in the video actually shows him being a bully.

So if the title had been "Man is attacked completely unprovoked and suffers life changing injuries" the judgement would be very different. Maybe you just watched a crime and enjoyed it.

I find it really strange that people will argue back and forward about the details of the content of the video, but never question the framing. It's "a given" he was a bully etc. because some text at the top said so.

So in this video, maybe the situation was exactly as described, but I don't know what information I'd use to get to that conclusion. And nobody in the comment section really seems to be trying.

Why don't we see him asking for his grade to be marked up? Wouldn't that be the money shot here? Kid makes outrageous request, which for some reason I edited out, then behaved terribly... maybe they didn't get their phone out in time... who knows? Not me.

BSR said:

Just to clear things up, when is violence deserved again?

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