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newtboy says...

No Easter bunny either, since when I was 16 I made hasenfeffer for my young cousins. I told them I caught it that morning stealing eggs in the back yard and decided to cook it, but threw out his basket of pilfered eggs, they were turning colors so must be spoiled.
You've still got Sasquatch to believe in.....called the skunk ape in your parts, but same guy.

BSR said:

Whether waiting 6 hours or not is true, you can't deny for at least the duration of the video that you could relate to it in some way with your own past experiences.

For instance, my father used tell people that he was the only person in the world that can reach into a box of flat toothpicks and pull out a round one.

And now you come along and tell me there is no Santa Clause!

I am truly alone.


newtboy says...

Allegedly assaulted a busboy who plead the fifth on the stand, ending the case, after it came out he had doctored the evidence.
Same guy as Seven/Kevin/Soze

BSR said:

Kevin who assaulted a busboy in 2016 or the Seven Kevin?

newtboy says...

Damn right. Good call.
I might go Kaiser Soze on them in a heartbeat.

BSR said:

They can only hope we do.

But then again, we won't mention your name. I think we know how you feel about kids. ; )

JiggaJonson says...


I already donate regularly to my local children's hospital, give any spare change I have to people you describe, and work at an inner city school where I keep boxes of cereal (it's cheap and vitamin packed and the kids like it) because my students come up to me on a somewhat regular basis hungry.

But as an individual, it's easy to act alone. To combat what one considers bad-public-policy, one must join the conversation.

What are you really asking me to do here? Someone posts some racist memes and I'm to keep my mouth shut because it won't do anything. I do not agree.

I can act alone, but to change policy it starts by having conversations about perceived ills in society. Forgive me but keep your stoic silence to yourself and I'll keep talking if the spirit moves me.

newtboy says...

? I have no idea what you mean.....which is probably for the best.

So, you think your dad was threatening himself, not you?

It worked on you learned to not get caught. An important lesson.

I learned to not smugly contradict authority, even when they're wrong. The only one that pays for that is you, not authority.
I also learned the answer to any question you don't want to answer is "ask my lawyer".

BSR said:

Anyway, that confirms my hunch on why you keep punishing yourself. I've done the same.

newtboy says...

I feel no need to lambast (criticize harshly) anyone just for getting something wrong.

It's those who are wrong but refuse to examine evidence or even consider they might be mistaken that deserve a hearty scourging (whipping).

Saved you some googling

BSR said:

OK dick, you found me out.


I now stand corrected in my orthopedic shoes.

Ya happy now?


figured since you went easy on me I'd be rough on myself. I know you would respect that. ; )

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