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oritteropo says...


BSR said:


Very cool! Found McClellan AFB on Google Earth.

No large planes on the reload area but it looks like the Lead Plane is.

You can see the red retardant on the ground if you turn on or check 3D BUILDINGS.

BSR says...

*hands on hips*

What the hell are we paying for around here!?

*walks away feeling defeated*

Kinda suspect that 3/4 of the vote didn't count.

newtboy said:

I see that, and I can't fix it....cut and paste works. Must be too long a url for Sifty.

newtboy jokingly says...

That's some....but no where near my record for one thread.
I can be quite sesquipedalian.

BSR said:

For anyone keeping score:

This thread contains 15,067 words and 86,501 characters.

Not counting this comment.

siftbot says...

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