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Fjnbk says...

That's all she COULD talk about, she doesn't know anything else.

In reply to this comment by tagomi77:
I'm so sick of hearing the word maverick... I'm never going to watch Top Gun again, which is probably all for the best anyways. Oh, I'm glad I wasn't the only one that saw her consistently side stepping into typical republican rhetoric.

In reply to this comment by Fjnbk:
oF coUrse, beCause everybody Knows that big girls completelY ignOre and dismiss emotional and sad stories so they can pivot into some lUnacy about being mavericks.

laura says...

actually, I take it back. We are all alien, right now. I read today that in terms of number of cells, our bodies are only 10% what we could consider human cells, and 90% bacteria. Not volume, mind you, but sheer number. We are not alone, and in fact would not exist w/o being mostly (and dependent on) bacteria. Cool, huh?

In reply to this comment by tagomi77:
Once? Once? Who says I’m not still one I did upvote that video, and the other one you posted, but they still creep me out.

In reply to this comment by laura:
You were once an alien, too. You know?

Eklek says...

Good idea to check Morr, we need more Morr on the sift:)
I see we have no Ms Jon Soda on the sift yet, lets change this!

In reply to this comment by tagomi77:
Excellent Video. I've recently gotten into the Notwist, as I make my way through the Morr Music catalog, and I'd have to recommend this album to anyone who likes the song. Also, his stuff with MS. Jon Soda is good too.

lucky760 says...

Thanks for the info.

In reply to this comment by tagomi77:
This would be similar to say, a first baseman faking a throw back to the pitcher so the baserunner relaxes and steps off the bag. Then tagging that baserunner. The difference here is that the penalty for not being aware is much higher.

Illegal in baseball? Variations of the Hidden Ball Trick are still done... although they arent that common in the major leagues anymore, cause people have learned to look out for that sort of thing more often, they are still done.


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